The air pregnant with the northern winds

embraces the earth with a shivering hug

kisses the dull morning sky with a misty spell

under the blanket of the opaque fog.

A witness to this winter morning ritual

the coy and shy flowers smile tenderly

the gentle rays of the sun peeking

through the stale grey clouds

creating gleaming patterns of mosaic

on the landscape painted in a monochrome.

Buried greenery, frosted pathways

lashing winds, chattering teeth,

smoky conversations and frozen whispers,

It’s time to enjoy the seasonal beauty

that winter brings along!


In response to daily prompt : Conversation


70 thoughts on “Winter!”

  1. Hi Dear. I’m doing good. How’re you? It has been quite sometime since I posted on WP. Finally, glad to be back! An impressive exemplary of words woven into the sweater named Winter. Loved reading it!
    Winters at first meant tiny red indicator on a water geyser, a simple woven cardigan, lots of ginger tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Once I shifted to Delhi, Winter became something more than that. πŸ˜‚
    A sweater or two, socks and mittens and only the beverage part continues to remain the same. A stole or scarf hugging the bare neck while the turtlenecks are in the laundry. Yes it took me two Delhi winters to get used to it! It might sound crazy but winters do make me feel a little uneasy and The only thing that comes to rescue is the traditional heavy comforter that is used in India!

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    1. So good to hear from you Shambhavi. Hope you are done with all your exams. I some how prefer the winters to the sweltering heat we have here. The heavy comforter, the razai as they call it, is so comfortable that it becomes a challenge to get out of bed in the mornings 😁


  2. Your poem is as crisp and as beautiful as the gentle rays of the soothing mid morning sun, Radhika. But I must admit that the beauty of Winter is incomparable but the difficulty to pull myself out of the warm comforts of my bed every morning is inexplicable!

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