We live in a world of opposites….


Material wealth defines success

lack of it brands you a failure.

Nature gifts us with bounties

we cruelly plunder her bare.

People cling to us when the going is good

but abandon us in our bad times.

We love holding on to the past

and worry about our future.

Passing on the blame is easy

failing to take up the  responsibility, is a challenge.

Education gives us knowledge

but ignorance of values still remains.

We get so busy trying to copy our idol

that we forget to be an original.

Gadgets virtually connect us across the globe,

yet there is total disconnect in person.

Enamored by the fake facade people put on,

we fail to recognize the real inner beauty.

Chasing shallow illusionary goals

the deep meaning of life eludes us.



58 thoughts on “We live in a world of opposites….”

  1. Radhika, you have with strong and sure hand highlighted the many false values
    that rule a big part of the world. Thankfully not all.
    Every line carries truth but I pray it is not the whole truth as we are – I believe – many people out there that seek the true values both within ourselves and others.
    That form a basis for growth of the good and nourishing.
    🌹 miriam

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    1. Well yes Miriam. I have only tried to bring out the eroding values in people with the progression of time. Today we do have very many people who restore our faith in the good with their selfless and sincere deeds. It’s only because of such wonderful people that the world balances itself despite diluted principles of people at large. Happy that you shared your thought 💖

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  2. Life is indeed a combination of contradictions…where there is love, there is indifference, pain, abandonment. Light and darkness lose their significance without each other and relationships seem hollow without efforts to make them lovable. Real meaning of success unfolds itself only after we face failures. 🙂

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  3. You are right… Material world have dualism. The duality of positive-negative, good-bad, happy-sad and so on always exists… but life is blissful when a person creates bridge between two extreme polarities… Duality have no opposites.. it have just two polarities.. The duality is thesis and antithesis… just take LOVE & HATE.. you have love and hate. Love is the thesis, hate is the antithesis; and most people die caught in the struggle, conflict, between the two. They are never able to see that there is a subtle connection between love and hate; that they are not two energies but one energy having two polarities. They are just like the negative and positive in electricity -but it is electricity all the same… Life is complete in its wholeness… 🙂


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