Unending Desires!


Sometime back I came across a quote by Piyush Mishra* in Hindi which read:

zindagi halki phulki hai,

bhoj tho kwaishon ka hai

which when translated means,

Life is simple

but desires burden it!

Isn’t this absolutely true? Why is man always wanting more? Unending desires has become a constant in man’s life and sadly it is a universal phenomenon. Man has succumbed to the trap of wanting more. Being content is a lost virtue today. The list of desires seem to explode from every corner into his life, burdening it with all things negative. He ascends on the steps of desires not knowing which floor is his destination. He keeps climbing up thinking the next level will have something better in store.  But when the final destination of life knocks at his doorstep, he realizes its futility.

Lost in a maze of desires

chases illusionary happiness

obliterates tiny delights

short-lived triumphs

defines false impressions


when emptiness besieges

laments valuable time lost

the burden of desires

overwhelms life!


* Piyush Mishra is an Indian film and theatre actor, music director, lyricist, singer and scriptwriter.


61 thoughts on “Unending Desires!”

  1. Thats well and good, but there is a counterstatement. What do we do with a simple life. desires are as futile as life is, or one might say they are as beautiful to have as life is.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Point taken. But here I am talking about unending desires. Man never seems to be satisfied with any of the desires he has fulfilled for himself. First a two wheeler, then a car , and then a bigger car…..the list is endless. It is a continuous loop for many material pursuits in life. Learning to draw a line and make life more meaningful by adopting better ways to enrich life, makes it more beautiful. This is my two cents.

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  2. Desires in the mind very strong desires unconscious mind gives to a person and that person run behind all those desires till he does not reach arms of death… There is no need to leave desires or to suppress them, no nothing is required just get awake in consciousness and everything will be so crystal clear in life…

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  3. Great lines of wisdom, Radhika. There has come a time when being content is considered foolish but striving for more and pushing limits to attain more is the mantra. Attaining and accomplishing is good, but at what cost, how much and where are the brakes?

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  4. Desires sometimes give satisfaction or bring disappointment.
    But so many are running in rat race without knowing final destination & very few are lucky enough to escape from that race to find their new simple path towards achieving their goal.
    Excellent write up Radhika👍👏👏

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  5. Im a big big fan of piyush mishra …especially his poems!!! Apart from this one..below are few more of his gems which i love!!

    “Insaan khud ki nazar main sahi hona chahiye. Duniya to bhagwan se bhi dukhi hai”

    “Ek itvaar hi hai jo rishton ko sambhalta hai.
    Baaki din kishtin ko sambhalne main kharch ho jaate hain”

    “Dard ki baarish main hum akele hi they. Jab barsin khushiyan na jaane bheed kahan se aa gayi”

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