Sunrise at the beach!

Early dawn enrobed in a misty cloak

letting out a yawn in lazy slumber

under the cool winter breeze

the pale blue waves ebb to the shore

deserted catamarans dance

to the rhythm of the tidal swell.

The horizon readying to welcome

the brightest star in all its glory

beckoning the birds to rise

and play their chirpy melody.

Streaming sunlight casts its rays

the sea turns to a crimson blush

they shimmer in a perfect union

to usher in a glorious day!


69 thoughts on “Sunrise at the beach!”

    1. Thank you so much Ben. I have tried commenting multiple times to some of your posts but always get a message saying ” comment can’t be published” both from the phone and the laptop.
      Your posts are so motivating and emit a lot of positive vibes!

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      1. Oh yes they do! And itโ€™s so painful to watch! I have seen people carelessly tossing away garbage on a squeaky clean road or side walk! Or making their pet dog litter on it!! Of late i have adopted the approach of stopping them from doing so! Some of them apologize but some of them shamelessly resist!! ๐Ÿ˜‘

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