Shattered Dreams!

In response to

Daily prompt : Constant


secretkeeper’s weekly writing challenge #129, to use the 5 prompt words in a poem or fiction.



My dreams roughly jerked away

drifting into oblivion,

for I have to fulfil my parent’s legacy

“A family of doctors are we

and that’s what you are to be.”

my fate decided and sealed!


science is beyond my comprehension


the world of words fascinates me

I paint my characters with ease

who come alive, as I dress them

with magical verses,

A writer is who, I aspire to be


my  scarlet tears, anguished screams and earnest pleas

all fall mute to their distant ears.


My calm persona is just a facade

to hide my shattered soul

mocked and scoffed at,

helpless and hollow within,

I chalk out a plan to escape

the constant storm of tirades.


I sign a pact in the dark

with the god of death

I am sure he will welcome me,

with open arms into a world of my dreams

where only the paper and pen

will be my “soul” companion!




57 thoughts on “Shattered Dreams!”

  1. An anguished cry! Parents think they are doing their best, never realising that their best may not be what their kids want. Wishing you all the best in your pursuit of happiness.

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      1. I do hope no kid ever has to take any drastic move to make her parents see her viewpoint. We have only one life and it is too precious to make drastic moves.
        Stay positive. Channel your energies to writing.

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  2. Oh my! This one is powerful Radhika! It’s heartbreaking and yes, much needed today. You entice us with your words in every article or composition you share…you are a powerhouse of literary talent! May all your dreams come true, many hugs your way❤️

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    1. Thanks a ton Divya for all the love and hugs 💖
      It breaks my heart every time I read about such a tragic incident in the papers. There are a plethora of opportunities today and parents should allow their children to explore them.

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    1. Thank you Miriam. It is heartening to know that your friend chose to pursue her passion alebit a little later in life. Children being at an vulnerable age in their teens ,it is our responsibility to ensure they do not resort to such a drastic step in a moment of weakness.

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      1. 20% of our doctors are from India. I heard that one doctor went back to India and wanted to work in a needy area. He had one case that her knew exactly how to treat the patient but didn’t have the technology and tools.
        I hope you find your happiness!

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  3. Radhika this poem is just the exact description of whats happening with one of my very close friends. Stuff really comes alive as she paints her stories but her parents have compelled her to be a doctor.

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  4. Radhika this is something to be taken for attention of Dreamers and their parents.
    But whatsoever that it is, you have already turned your dreams and stream lined them.
    The God of death shall take care from now, not to take before the dreams come true.


    1. Oh my! But I am happy you didn’t resort to any negative approach to show your disappointment. Please do reason it out with your parents. There are a plethora of opportunities for today’s youth. I wish you all the best!

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