I was a lot smarter before….


Invasion of the cyberspace

into my space, has a zombie effect,

degenerated lifestyles rule the roost

slumped shoulders, frozen thumbs

poor postures, sore eyes.


Buzzing phones vibrate all the time

likes, comments, emojis

dominate friendship chats

conversation is through the keys,

fingers have forgotten to hold a pen.

Texting with short forms

have rendered spellings obsolete.


Before the advent of the smart phone,

I was a lot smarter,

Once a storehouse of information

Now, memory is a fading asset.


Life without google seems impossible

an app for anything under the sun,

an answer to all our questions,

our brain seems to be out of work!


The mobile has replaced every other gadget

it has stolen my time from me

making me a prisoner in its “cell”!


While there is no denying about the many benefits of the mobile, I somehow feel we have become its slaves! This is one of it’s negative facets I have highlighted.


89 thoughts on “I was a lot smarter before….”

  1. Very true Radhika. The next thing waiting to happen is a baby being born with a chip or a gadget. Its become so much of a necessity than a need based device. I often tell my kids, that our childhood days were much better than today. I just want to rewind and go back..
    Well written, as always 👌

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      1. My phone was in my washing machine once and I couldn’t “save” it. I almost had a heart attack, thinking that I lost all the contacts. My only choice was to get a new phone and had the phone numbers transferred to a new chip!

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  2. Thank you Radhika for this very topical and important poem.
    I often look and think of it and deliberately resist becoming too dependent.
    We could easily become the servants of the very technology we saw as tools.

    Do write letters by hand, at least some. Send handwritten cards. Chock the world.
    Don’t have to many apps. Switch off and be with people. No phones when out with friends etc. A mini revolution. :))

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    1. Writing letters by hand! Wow, that’s so wonderful Miriam and adds such a personal touch. Unless we set strict rules for ourselves regarding it’s usage, we are going to be it’s slaves. I think you’ve taken steps in the right direction by not letting it conquer your life, and enjoy the small joys of connecting in person ❤️👍

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  3. So very true! I hate it when people mutilate the language by using short forms that bear absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the actual word! Buzzing phones have turned us all into prisoners. That last paragraph is awesome. I love that play on the word “cell”. Nicely penned, my dear.

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    1. Haha! Refreshing to find a soul who is still disconnected with the phone. I am sure you must be finding a lot of more time to do the things you enjoy doing. It was wonderful to read your comment Kenza! Inspire others to wean off their phones😁👍


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