WPC – Rise/Set

In response to weekly photo challenge rise/set


The rising orb spins around

announces the divine birth of dawn

a scarlet blush behind the illuminated clouds

the darkness gently surrenders

to the ethereal glow of the golden rays

with a promise of a new day ahead!


Its time for dusk to enter

the horizon paints bold strokes

vermillion red and marmalade orange

dominate the celestial skies

dark curtains fall across the expanse

readying the stage for the magical moon!



Tanka – Charm & Time

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #77,  Charm and Time with the condition only to use their synonyms!


Futile to resist

 spell of  magnetic allure

the hours transpire

bewitching gaze consumes me

burning in intense desire!



In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 77 to write a story in 280 letters or less !

ic: Min An at pexels.com

Every evening I wait by the stairs for mom and dad to return from office, in vain! I never get to see them, as they come home very late from work, well past my bed time. My housekeeper takes care of me then.  You know, my parents are very special! They are the weekend parents!

Letter count : 277

Bilingual poem – बांवरा मन , The Wandering Mind


बांवरा  सा मन मेरा, यह तो है अलबेला

चल पड़ता यही, दिल में तराने लिए

न टिकट कटवाता, न ज़रुरत है इसको पासपोर्ट का,

न लम्बी कतारों में रुकना, न भारी सामान उठाना,

नहीं करता कोई सोच विचार, न चाहिए किसी का साथ,

आंखे मूछे, बस निकल पड़ा यूही,

बांवरा सा मन मेरा, यह तो है अलबेला


हसीन वादियों में खो जाता कभी,

तो कभी अनगिनत रेतों की कहानी सुनता

ऊंचे पहाड़ो को छू लेता कभी

तो कभी जंगल की घेहराईओ में खो जाता

समुन्दर के सदा बहार लहरों के संग शाम बिताता

तो कभी बागो में फूलों संग नाचता

लहराते बदल से दोस्ती कर लेता

तो कभी सावन के बूंदो से दिल बहलाता

हिम के सफ़ेद चादर तले ठंड से ठिठुरठा

तो कभी पंछियों सा मदमस्त आकाश में उड़ता

हँसता गुनगुनाता बस यूही निकल पड़ता

बांवरा सा मन मेरा, यह तो है अलबेला



This wandering mind of mine

sets off, singing a melody.

Without a ticket or a passport,

nor the hassles of long queues and heavy baggage,

with no planning or company needed,

it embarks on a journey, at the blink of the eye.

This wandering mind of mine

sets off, singing a melody.


At times, it loses itself in pristine surroundings

or listens to the many stories of the infinite sands,

at times it scales the peaks of gigantic mountains

or gets lost in the wilderness of the woods,

at times spends an evening with the oceanic waves

or sways along with the dancing blooms,

at times, it fosters  friendship with the wafting clouds

or soaks itself in the gentle raindrops,

at times, it shivers under the white expanse of snow

or soars like a carefree bird in the blue yonder.

Smiling and humming along,

it embarks on a beautiful journey.

This wandering mind of mine

sets off, singing a melody.


WPC – My favorite place

Amidst the lap of nature is undoubtedly my favorite place. No structure however magnificent it is, can be as comforting as nature. Mother nature shares her abundant wealth unconditionally among all her children. To me she is all encompassing and true beauty personified.

A painter par excellence, she paints the horizon with a riot of colors depicting her mood. An ethereal artist!

Pitter patter rainfall, the cascading water falls, chirps of the birds and insects or the roaring thunder, all her musicians play their part to perfection in creating a scintillating symphony! An ebullient orchestra!

The troubled mind finds solace under her benevolent grace. A therapeutic healer!

Ever providing and giving to one and all, making life beautiful. A celebration of existence!

Nature reflects an utopian blend of vivid colors and divine fragrances. Boundless beauty!




I float in the sapphire sky

listening to the clam whispers

the gentle zephyr brings in.

The cosmic vibrations echoes

rhythmic chants that

rejuvenate and illuminate

my soul with spiritual bliss

invisible to the outer world,

filling me with inner peace!


In response to the daily prompt: Invisible


The eerie night!

In response to secretkeeper’s weekly writing prompt #133, to use the following five words or their synonyms in a poem/fiction.



Lost in the wilderness

with no clue ,where to head

tar grey clouds brood over

damp forest floor, exudes an acrid stench

branches draw monstrous silhouettes

menacing winds croon a forbidding song

ravenous howls grow louder

a sign of looming danger

eyes move furtively in the dark

failing to find a road to escape

the probing hand feels a slimy creature

sending shivers down the spine

the screams for help, echo back

the soul held captive by fear

drenched in sweat, completely paralyzed.

“Cut”! comes in the directors call,

Smiling, with a thumbs up,

A great shot, in one take!

Pack up! He shouts!!

WPC – I’d rather be…

I’d rather be a flower

not in competition with anyone,

to blossom at my own pace,

brightening life with my vibrant hues

as I unfurl my petals

diffusing a scented fragrance

bringing in smiles and happiness

hope, love and peace across

territories and relationships!

2013-12-06 16.45.51DSC03474DSC03853Picture 2572013-11-03 08.53.26




The golden morning  sunshine brings in

gleaming rays of positive light

the whiff of fresh air

brings with it nature’s fragrance

the songs of the chirpy sparrows

sing a beautiful melody

the dancing blooms in the verandah

greet me with a smile

the children’s giggles and laughter

fills the rooms with an infectious mood

the aromas wafting from the kitchen

lovingly dishes out culinary delights

memories created over a life time

the pain shared together

obstacles overcome, dreams realised

bond us soundly as a unit

the feel and comfort of everything

bestows an immense sense of security

wrapped with love, care and warmth,

a humble abode, where I dwell

fills my heart with overflowing joy

making it home sweet home!


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