WPC – Story – Baby’s day out!

Once upon a time……and lived happily ever after. That’s how most stories begin and end 🙂


Well today I’m trying to give my own interpretation and weave a tale around a small happy monkey family, the Dunstons! They lived in a small jungle in the city outskirts and had a flourishing monkey business there. Experts at all monkey tricks, Mr. D hit a jackpot with all that he touched. Being a shrewd business magnet, he wanted Dunston Jr. to see the big bad world outside the jungle and train him well to take on the monkey mantle.DSC01055

So he called out to his wife “Honey! Let’s go on an outing to the nearby town. Our little champ needs to explore the world.” “But he is just a young lad now! ” Cried Mrs D,  in vain ! All her pleas fell deaf to his ears. On getting to know of his day out, D jr. was excited with a bundle of emotions playing within him.

Early next morning the trio set out on the baby’s first expedition of sorts. Hopping and jumping, they finally reached the hillock. D Jr. clinging on to mama tight, casting a furtive glance at all in a trance. Fearful, apprehensive and on guard, he saw many figures who he came to know were humans. Things were very different here from the jungle. Slowly starting to relax, he began to soak in the surroundings.


People here were amused to see the monkey family. Some, shooing them away, while some kind souls offering them a meal.  D Jr. enjoyed a sumptuous meal of spiced rice, which was an absolutely new taste for him, so different from what he had back home.


He was amused by the paparazzi trying to click them. Basking  in all the attention they were garnering, he felt like a celebrity.


Finally it was time to head back.  Enjoying the excursion thoroughly, Jr. asked his father, “Hey Dad! When is my next outing?”


Weekly photo challenge : Story



51 thoughts on “WPC – Story – Baby’s day out!”

  1. Lovely story Radhika and I am taken with Justin Jr and his positive reaction.
    It is funny how human being react to a cute animal whilst a human in need would be lucky to get some food.

    Liked by 1 person

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