In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 77 to write a story in 280 letters or less !

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Every evening I wait by the stairs for mom and dad to return from office, in vain! I never get to see them, as they come home very late from work, well past my bed time. My housekeeper takes care of me then.  You know, my parents are very special! They are the weekend parents!

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51 thoughts on “TheWait!”

  1. That is so sad Radhika. We are living in such a busy world. Today, wealth is measured with time.You are rich as much as you have a time. If your life costs are on the monthly basis 3000$ and you have in your pocket 3000$,then you are rich one month!

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  2. Sad but true! Parents who are caught in the whirlwind of their busy lives and career while the child asks not for those expensive gifts that are guiltily showered upon them but a little time and attention – the most costly of all and one that has become very precious today
    Beautifully penned, Radhika.

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