WPC – Rise/Set

In response to weekly photo challenge rise/set


The rising orb spins around

announces the divine birth of dawn

a scarlet blush behind the illuminated clouds

the darkness gently surrenders

to the ethereal glow of the golden rays

with a promise of a new day ahead!


Its time for dusk to enter

the horizon paints bold strokes

vermillion red and marmalade orange

dominate the celestial skies

dark curtains fall across the expanse

readying the stage for the magical moon!



50 thoughts on “WPC – Rise/Set”

  1. Both the rising and setting has been explained beautifully and I loved the pictures too. Sometimes I feel you can never go wrong with pictures of Sunrise and sunset as they are the most beautiful creation of nature.

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  2. The rise and the set of a day. The rising and setting sun has a strange effect of nostalgia coupled with the need to reflect and ponder with the inner you.
    Beautiful pictures and an excellent poem, Radhika. Loved the description.

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