Haiku – Obsession & You

Twin haikus in response to Ronovanwrites prompt #199


Love and Obsession


Stalking your spirit

confining you in my heart

insane obsession!


The eyes spot a speck

obsession for cleanliness

you grow paranoid!


Daily Prompt – Tantrum!


Mundane moments

oscillating moods

unreasonable demand

met with disapproval

emotional outburst

flaring tempers

torrential downpour

raucous screams

failed reasoning

loud tirades

time out!

Oh! it’s such a challenge

to handle children’s tantrums!

Sidlak – The Affair!


Hot affair

measured ingredients

adept hands make gentle love

surrender to the passionate heat

tantalizing brown cookies satiate the sweet cravings!


Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem ( no restriction on syllables) or the feelings of the writer.


The last journey!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 81, to write a tale within 280 characters or less on the given picture prompt.

ic: Ana martin on unsplash

Nick planned to surprise his old mother whom he hadn’t met for a few years now , as work had kept him busy. He planned to cook his mother, her favorite meal and catch up on all that he had missed.

The deafening sound pierced his thoughts and then there was only darkness.

Lc: 272

How do you make a Choice?



Life throws at us a plethora of options to choose from, and we have to choose an option out of the available choices which suits us the best. It always intrigues me as to how easy or overwhelming people find it to reach a decision. It may be something simple as which flavor of ice-cream to order or what dress to wear for the party. Or a slightly more complex one, where you have two exciting job offers, and you are undecided on which one to accept?

Today there is no dearth of choice, for people to choose from.

Be it buying from the store or shopping online,

schools to seek admission for your child or the university to pursue higher studies,

plan for a holiday or the airline to fly by,

the restaurant you like to enjoy dinner or buy tickets for a show,

the brand of the latest mobile you want to buy or  the latest car you would like to own .

Life as we grew up was a simple affair as there were very limited alternatives. Either this or that. With changing times and lifestyles, there is an abundance of options. Does being inundated with choices in every aspect of life make the process of everyday decision making simpler or does it confuse you even more? Would love to know  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific!

Clogged societies, cancerous minds,

bleeding values, scarred emotions,

robotic humans, plagued in venomous smoke,

all leading to a choked life!


Let’s dissolve this lifeless living

resolve to nurture nature,

infuse a prolific dose  of natural healing

bandage the sore wounds with renewable resources,

absolve the soul from the inevitable asphyxiation !


Haibun – The Autumn Dance!

In response to Colleen’s weekly tanka challenge # 80, to use the synonyms only of the prompt words Soft & Gather.


I step out to witness a picturesque seasonal transition, one autumn morning. The porch is enveloped in a vibrant carpet of yellow and crimson leaves . The cool breeze caresses and whispers to them, sweet nothings. Coyly smiling, they sway under the cloudy sky, whispering secret messages, finally cascading to create a rustling harmony.

The mild autumn breeze

wafting warm cinnamon blends

celestial rhythms

the scarlet leaves congregate

choreograph balletic moves!

Clouds in its moods!

A Picture Poetry!

Snowy white cumulus in the yonder

huddled together in deep conversations

Fringed with  ornate wispy curls

heralding the changing moods

Tenuously scattered in total disarray

indolent, yet blissful in gay abandon

Grey, broody, seething with ire

all set for the ambrosial fall

Blushing, crimson, amorously flirtatious

paints a passionate saga of love

Pristine, pure and serene persona

echoes a meditative harmony.


Dear Sister!


A crackle of laughter, echoes from your personality

your witty sense of humor ensures unlimited chuckles

your naughty pranks, keep the child in you alive

the twinkle in your eyes, has a magnetic charm

your brush unleashes,  an artistic extravaganza

the piety you embrace, leaves a fragrant spiritual trail.

You my dearest sister are my confidante, counselor and friend.

I feel blessed to be enveloped by your ever flowing love !


A very happy birthday to you dearest Sis ! Wishing you miles of smiles, tons of happiness and a bagful of good wishes ❤ !


Triple haiku

In response to Ronovan writes haiku challenge #196, : Prompt words : Shy & sweet.


eyes lock in a gaze

shy lovers speak in silence

sweet tender love blooms



kindergarten school

sweet little kids, a shy lot

first step to learning



the shy canary

hums sweet melodies of spring

echoes natures rhymes




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