How do you make a Choice?



Life throws at us a plethora of options to choose from, and we have to choose an option out of the available choices which suits us the best. It always intrigues me as to how easy or overwhelming people find it to reach a decision. It may be something simple as which flavor of ice-cream to order or what dress to wear for the party. Or a slightly more complex one, where you have two exciting job offers, and you are undecided on which one to accept?

Today there is no dearth of choice, for people to choose from.

Be it buying from the store or shopping online,

schools to seek admission for your child or the university to pursue higher studies,

plan for a holiday or the airline to fly by,

the restaurant you like to enjoy dinner or buy tickets for a show,

the brand of the latest mobile you want to buy or  the latest car you would like to own .

Life as we grew up was a simple affair as there were very limited alternatives. Either this or that. With changing times and lifestyles, there is an abundance of options. Does being inundated with choices in every aspect of life make the process of everyday decision making simpler or does it confuse you even more? Would love to know  🙂


55 thoughts on “How do you make a Choice?”

  1. Great observation!! To me simple things with less choice are better! For eg earlier there used to be limited tv channels but we loved watching them so much…nowadays there is flood of channels but that level of enjoyment is missing…we find ourselves sifting through channels and content only! Back then chitrahaar ( i dont know if you are aware of it?) was soo entertaining and 30 mins of it used to charge the whole week! Nowadays so many music options but we are still searching!!!!

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    1. Guess we date back to the same generation. Chitrhaar, chayageet, Star trek , we enjoyed watching the limited telecast of programs. Seriously now many a times I only do channel swapping and end up watching nothing at all. Frankly I was happier then with limited choices across different areas, than today with the unlimited choices😁

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      1. Oh chayageet!! 😃 yes! And a lot more like surbhi, bharat ek khojh, byomkesh bakshi, tehkikaat, …even cartoons like alladin, mowngli, duck tales were so much fun!! Compared to today’s cartoon which are just caricatures with no story! Couple of channels but full entertainment…and that also meant free time for us and others to catch up and have a chat or do some fun activities! Nowadays unlimited choices but cant even come any close to the happiness of old days! I miss them a lot ☹️ you know what, i dont even have a tv now..since 10years!!
        Btw….nominated you for something! 😊

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  2. I am always in dilemma. The more the choices the more the dilemma. But lately I have learnt that sometimes you need to close eyes, breathe and choose whatever coming at your way. Other times you can think and take a decision. Though the more I think, the chances of bad decisions increase 😂

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    1. sometimes you need to close eyes, breathe and choose whatever coming at your way.

      In the long run can be harmful, re. And life is long, trust me on this. Lol. 5-6 years more experience that you. 😉 Lol.
      Thinking is okay, SWOT analysis is okay, Not thinking is not okay. Can hurt you. Some decisions have no redemption at all. Choices are an indicative of freedom, and freedom is essential for growth. Abundance of choice is good for only for those people who know how to take good decision, bad for them who take bad decisions.

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      1. When we do have enough time, contemplating on the choices is fine. But when one has to make quick decisions, then the problem arises. A confused mind can hardly take a sane decision. Maybe for people whose choices are very clear and well defined don’t face challenges amidst a sea of choices, unlike me, an eternally confused soul 😁. Thanks Rishhuu for sharing your thoughts!

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      2. Tabhi sometime bola re 😂 our decisions are going to define us so we need to choose them wisely. Zyada bhi nahi sochna. Aur kam bhi nahi. Balance rakhne chaiye bas.😊

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  3. Well said Radhika. At the end of the day, it boils down to marketing in selling a product, self-worth and psychology. I think consumers need to make a priority list on what we really need. An interesting debate.

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  4. Very interesting and you said it aptly Radhika. Today so many choices have been put forth that life has become a roller-coaster. One does not know what to buy and buying what and how has become a problem. Take children and their demands are so much that one cannot think. Our times as you rightly said were so beautiful we never had all these demands and our parents picked up for us and we were so happy and pleased with whatever they brought for us from their little savings. Life is life and it is beautiful but we as humans with wants and desires have made our living difficult and impossible.

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    1. Very well said Kamal. Simple living like in our times had it’s own charm. We were easily satisfied. Now with so many options, people never seem to be happy with a choice they make. That lurking feeling that the other option was probably better always haunts them. The deluge of choices is leading life to a perennial state of confusion.

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      1. Yes absolutely true, Radhika and today we are feeling so much stressed out and worrying for every little things. We were really happy in our times, today money power has increased and so all these malls and madness. This is our life today but anyways all these things have come to stay so we too need to be in the present moment and enjoy our life. Have a great day dear.

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      2. Agree Kamal. “Mall and madness!!” So true! A new culture which has changed the lifestyle of people. Can’t say for better or worse. Like you rightly said, it is up to us to define our path, and make various choices enroute. Enjoy your week dear ☺️

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  5. Radhika, you take up a very interesting subject. Personally I prefer to go to a bit smaller outlets with a firm idea in mind what I am after. The enormous amount of goods available can create stress and make us think we need much more than we do.
    Choices are good but within reason. I do love to shop gifts on inspiration. You might see something that is just right. At least one thinks so.
    Thanks for an excellent post

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    1. Miriam, I think you are a very wise shopper with a firm idea in mind. Else the huge stores always succeed in confusing it’s customers with their myriad choices and discounts. Many times we end up buying irrelevant stuff. Next time, let me try your tip of visiting smaller stores with a specific idea in mind. Thank you for giving your input 🙂

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  6. To me, simplicity always intrigued me.The fewer choices you have in life the simpler your life gets.It is my observation that more the choices have in today’s life they less content as they are always ready to acquire the next shiny piece of the trinket.As Leonardi Da Vinci said,” The simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I abide by that rule. Nice post,Radhika

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  7. That’s an awesome post. Life is simple but we ourselves make it complicated. Now choices are more but level of excitement and satisfaction is low. Nowadays even small children knows how to use mobile but they don’t know the fun to play outside with friends.

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    1. Very true Mehul. We are losing out on so many small joys of life. I remember the excitement of getting something new, which was so rare. Now kids keep buying stuff either online or at shops. So there is no novelty or excitement for them.


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