Haiku – Obsession & You

Twin haikus in response to Ronovanwrites prompt #199


Love and Obsession


Stalking your spirit

confining you in my heart

insane obsession!


The eyes spot a speck

obsession for cleanliness

you grow paranoid!


49 thoughts on “Haiku – Obsession & You”

      1. It’s used to be a challenge earlier but not anymore… i dont have much stuff to clean now….i became a minimalist some years ago and now i have a handful of possessions only which are like the most basic ones needed for survival and can be cleaned quickly …. just a bed, a chair, few clothes, washing machine and few utensils….no tv, no fridge, no furniture, no wardrobe, no ac, no table, no gas stove or additional utensils, no car and no almirah….i had everything but i donated or disposed them off….now it’s a big empty apartment!! And i just love it!!!

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      2. Whoa! Today while people are pursuing materialistic gains, you are one who has gone the other extreme to minimalism. That is truly commendable 🙏. No TV or car is fine, but without a fridge…
        It is almost a life of a hermit 🙏

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      3. Haha…yes a hermit’s life is what intrigues me and now i know why they start that life by giving up worldly possessions because that causes unnecessary worries and comes in the way of spiritual path…once we are devoid of all materialistic things, mind becomes so calm and peaceful!
        I did lots of analysis and found that most of the things I was just hoarding only and never used them…everyone has a storeroom at their home which is full of things which they will probably never use but in the corner of mind it will be there that it needs to be cleaned regularly or maintained. But we come in this life empty handed and go empty handed…unnecessarily we build up so many hooks and entangle ourselves in it! Stress over it, fight over it and what not….We should just have what we really need and dispose off the rest….no need to hoard because of greed. And we should give to needy people who need them instead of hoarding…
        kuch cheezen zaroori hoti nahi lekin hum zaroorat bana lete hain!
        For example fridge, I realised i dont need it really… i consume perishable items same day only and buy only as much as i can eat. Yes that means more frequent visits to the grocery store but that also ensures fresh supply. And cold water is not good for health hence i trained myself to live on normal water only. It’s more than 2 years now without fridge and i dont miss it at all!! Infact my electricity bills are now down to like 200/month!!!
        Similarly my car! I realised i dont need it really as the city itself offers a great public transport system and everything is nearby only for which i can walk…if i take out car then a big problem is finding a parking…which in mumbai you know is such a pain!!! And also i will be worried if it got towed..or general security…maintenance..cleaning…big headaches! car only used to sit idly in parking while i used to walk everywhere or take uber! And I love walking so finally I gave away the car as well and i dont miss it!! Feel so relaxed!
        Similarly other things after evaluation i found i dont need them and disposed off. Finally i am at much peace! Like a big weight is off my mind…i can focus now on things which i like to do and enjoy rather than worried about materialistic things!
        Health, happiness and caring for others!!
        PS: sorry for the long comment!!

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      4. Wow! This is going to take some time to sink in for me!!! I agree that more than half the things at home is something we rarely use, and humans in general have the habit of hoarding. In the present times, you are probably the first person whom I have come across who practices such a minimalistic living. With people getting more greedy, hearing about your lifestyle is so refreshing. An inspiration to many.
        Stay happy and stay blessed my friend 🙂

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  1. Haha! Two strange takes on ‘obsession’, one with love and another with cleanliness,(I find that absolutely funny – the picture actually) both well expressed and such wonderful pictures to complement that Haiku.

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