WPC – Place in the world

A place in the world, my utopian dream

a quaint cottage, on a carpet of green

cradled in the morning mist

the ears drench in the gurgling brook’s melody,

the vibrant blooms , the swaying trees

meandering butterflies, the chirpy birds

all reside in my friendly neighbourhood.

The idyllic surroundings weave a sublime image

a warm confluence of nature’s grandiose

the soul opens the door to usher in a halcyon aura

of bountiful peace and tranquillity!


Ps: All the pictures were taken during our visit to Poland.


53 thoughts on “WPC – Place in the world”

      1. Till now the mention of poland used to bring only two things to my mind – the world war 2 and polonium!! This certainly is going to make it better now!!

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      2. Yeah i see that!!! Humans have both the capabilities – extreme hatred to raze a city to ashes and a wonderful gift to build a beautiful city out of those ashes and keep it that way!! I wish to see the second one dominate always.
        Another example is hiroshima! It was destroyed completely by the atomic bomb but now it’s one of the most beautiful cities of japan and a top tourist destination!

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  1. Heavenly, Radhika … a soft start to my morning reading your poem and the final lines are an invitation to ones inner self as:
    β€˜the soul opens the door to usher in a halcyon aura

    of bountiful peace and tranquillity!’

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