The present fades through the eons

reopening the doors , thoughts drift in

embraced by reminiscent recollections

images linger before the eyes

echoes with the laughter of happy times

a fragrance of sublime warmth

impregnates the air

along with some

remnants of the dark days too

under the musty cobwebs of time

the mind meanders back into the alleys

clings on to those experiences

be it coated with a tinge of bitterness

or laced with wistful moments,

for everything that passes

leaves behind memories

unique and special to each one

intricately woven into timeless treasures!!




38 thoughts on “Memories!”

  1. Love how your memories stir so many thoughts Radhika…reflections that remind us of our journey through the corridors of life!
    Memories are like wafts of breeze that make the dark moments too smile, as the amalgamation of happy and not so happy hours leave us wondering how we could add some beauty to our lives…how well we could handle them and those that slipped by chiseled our personalities. 🙂

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  2. Great poem Rahika,

    indeed past is very important for us, humans. I believe that we should learn from our past a lot, but we must be careful, and we do not need to burden much with her,because we must live in the present moment ! Thank you

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  3. ‘intricately woven into timeless treasures!!’ that are what memories are to all of us and they are all timeless treasures that keeps on opening like a pandora’s box whenever our mind drifts to them. Lovely and awesome poem, Radhika.

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