Final Countdown!

In response to’s weekly writing challenge #143, to use the following 5 words or their synonyms in a poem or fiction.



On the verge of touching base,

at the final destination of life,

I wait for the whistle to blow,

my gaze drifts across the celestial heaven.

As the soul readies to embark

into the Β realms of the unknown,

the mind takes a walk down the road,

on the journey so far.

The memories kindle

a happy contented smile

that illuminates my heart!




25 thoughts on “Final Countdown!”

    1. Cara, life at times throws at us with difficult situations and puts us in a confusioned state of mind. At the same time it also teaches us important lessons to grow and evolve. So I guess we should have a positive frame of mind and hope that when the end comes it will be a peaceful one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cara.


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