बेवफ़ा कौन? Who is Unfaithful?


ज़िन्दगी तो बेवफ़ा है,

जाने कब गले लगा ले

और कब ख़फा हो जाये,

पर मौत अपने वादे से

कभी नहीं मुकरती

बस एक बार जो गले लगती है

सदा के लिए अपना बना लेती है!


Life is two faced

one never knows,

when it embraces

or when it leaves us bitter

but, death never goes

back on its word

once it embraces you

it makes you its own!



49 thoughts on “बेवफ़ा कौन? Who is Unfaithful?”

  1. खूबसूरत और कठोर सत्य को दर्शाती कविता।
    जिंदगी भर भटकते रहे,प्रेम को तरसते रहे,
    जिंदगी थी बेवफा फिर भी उसी पर मरते रहे,
    जब थके जीवन सफर में पास कोई ना रहा,
    तब सहारा मौत थी सब दर्दे गम मिटते रहे।

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  2. Wow…true!! Reminds me of the title song of muqaddar ka sikandar!! Zindagi to bewafa hai ek din thukrayegi…maut mehbooba hai apne saath lekar jaiyegi…!! 😍

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      1. Indeed! Those were the days with poets like Sahir Ludhianvi, Shailendra , Majrooh Sultanpuri, Shakeel Badyuni, Kaifi Azmi giving soul to the songs! Nowadays the only ones worth listening to are Gulzar sahab, Irshad Kamil, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Javed Akhtar! And also Piyush Mishra though he doesnt write songs but his poetry touches the heart!

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      2. Me too 😣😣 there is one thing I remember….quite sometime ago i was reading news that in some village farmers were very fed up of wild boars destroying crops so they came up with a novel idea – they would blare honey singh’s songs over loudspeakers at night and that made wild boars run away from crops!! 😂

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