What was it?

In response to Kat’s twittering challenge # 89, to write a tale on the picture prompt in 280 letters or less.

Photo by MabelAmber at Pixabay.com

I was watching over the egg for many days that I found in my garden. One evening coming back from work, I saw it cracked. I looked around but found no bird. That night I heard some weird sounds coming from my backyard. Now, was it a bird or some other creature?  Sleep eluded me!

Letter count 279


45 thoughts on “What was it?”

  1. Radhika, from that simple but beautiful picture we are led to wonder what happened.
    Where is the bird and its mother? Did it get eaten by e.g. a hawk….?
    Is it around, can it be rescued…

    Great piece of writing.

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  2. After watching all those bizzare English movies where we are bound to expect the unexpected, I too would not be able to blink an eyelid until I am sure of what came out of that egg. Loved your twist in the tale, Radhika.

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