Crippled by fear!


Grey clouds cast a net around the woods

dusk descends with a misty cloak

silhouettes of the trees pervades over the moon

menacing winds augur an eerie tone

birds flee ,sensing an unearthly warning

howls of the wild beasts echo

darkness manifests with an evil spew

ghostly shadows rasp in savage squeals

the sinister red eyed monster haunts

with fangs and claws waiting to strike.

The eyes shut tight in fright,

droplets of sweat trickle down,

the heart thuds wildly,

cold chills run down the spine

besieged by paralyzing terror,

with a piercing scream I run out.

A horror movie is not my pick!


44 thoughts on “Crippled by fear!”

  1. Another masterpiece Radhika, with fantastic imagery!
    I avoid horror stories and movies…anything unpleasant gives me no joy. Why cringe unnecessarily! Movies/books are for pleasure. πŸ™‚

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  2. What a brilliant write-up. It brought out the similar feeling as of watching a horror movie. Though I love watching horror movies but I scream the loudest, sometimes even more than the actors in the movie..haha

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  3. Haha! My apologies I am laughing but through the poem, I was thinking of that spine-chilling movie that I last watched and detested every bit of it, and there you were running away from yet another horror movie. I would rather watch sloppy romance where adults run around trees doing strange dance moves than watch a movie reeking of blood and shrouds.

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