Another in the series of A to Z poems, where the words move alphabetically.  You can read the earlier one here. I have used “ex” for the letter x.  Could not think of an appropriate word beginning with it. If any of you can think of one, please share 🙂


Across boundaries conflicts descend

ember flames glow,

horrid incidents, jolts kids

lurid massacres numb peace,

quells rational solution

tension usurps violence,

war exhausts

yowl zillions!


55 thoughts on “War!”

  1. Excellent and wars are like that. They do not bother about anyone and their cries, just kill and kill randomly for what who knows. Beautiful lines penned for War and the picture is so apt but so sad seeing the child mercilessly crying.

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  2. That’s a heart-wrenching picture of war you have drawn there with your words, Radhika. If only there were more people who could see the devastation that wars spread.


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