Connecting back…

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #95, to write a tale within 280 characters or less on the picture.

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With no electricity, flooded roads and strong gales, the storm had left the town battered. Forced to stay indoors, with no connectivity, Frank was home alone with his family. Like the rain, endless conversations, games, stories flowed. He felt connected to his family after ages!

Letter count 279


The blank canvas!

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In response to Sonya’s 3 line tale, week # 130

Mini loved her world of colours and could infuse life into any canvas with her brushes, much to the chagrin of her father, who wanted her to pursue sciences like him.

After a heated altercation with him in the morning, she came back from school, aghast to find all her paintings trampled and colors scattered all across the floor.

From then on, her life was just an insipid blank canvas, devoid of any colors or emotions.

Gift of wishes!


As the years roll by

you traverse  the path of life

watching the seasons go by,

basking in the warm sunshine

enjoying the raindrops.

May life greet you with smiles,

open the doors to unlimited happiness

wipe away the gloom and haze.


Mark your calendar with your dreams

let its fluttering pages scatter your wishes,

allow the wafting wind to carry them

high up to the celestial abode

to be gift wrapped with a secure twine

graced by the divine benevolence,

to shower on you the choicest blessings!

Terrible Two’s!

In response to’s prompt # 151, to use the following 5 words in a poem or fiction.


A nonet in response to the above.

(Nonet (9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1) progression downward of syllables)


 A tale of many a harried mom

trying in vain to tame her tot

terrible twos, at its peak

temper tantrums cry foul

raging frustrations

yearning for some

me time, to

 rest in


I am sure many moms can relate to this one 🙂

Poetic Me!


Caged in a literary asylum

the poetic me,

unclogs the mind

liberates brewing ideas.

A cauldron of thoughts

spill and splash all across

lie in a messy scatter

daring to explore and dream.

I wrap the idyllic musings

in a kaleidoscope of emotions.

The milieu of my thoughts

meander through tiny moments

dismantling my heart.

My quill weaves this tapestry

into a seamless blend

that seems imperfectly perfect

to echo a verse from my soul.


The magic phone!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 93, to write a tale in 280 letters or less on the picture prompt given below.

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When Sid heard of the magic phone which allowed one to speak to a dead person, he too joined the long queue of people, the only condition being, the phone rings when one touches it. Many tried in vain!

Sid picked up the ringing receiver with trembling hands.

“ Hello…..”

Letter count : 277

Tanka – Inner Peace!


In response to Colleen’s weekly tanka # 92, to use the prompt words Bewitch & Treasure (synonyms only)

Solitude beckons

enamored by the beauty

tranquil peace descends

conversations with the soul

abundance of inner peace!

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