The mobile…


The old alarm clock, all keyed

would wake me up with a shrill

without an option of a snooze

now, my mobile does it!


The camera loaded with a roll

a willing companion on all holidays

met with an untimely death,

thanks to the mobile.


The library was a haven

to satiate the questioning mind

books were man’s best friend

now, the mobile answers it all!


Indulgence in shopping

was a rare extravaganza

a well planned outing

Now, my mobile shops for me from home!


Squeals of delight on

getting my first calculator

still echo in my ears

now, my mobile has replaced it!


Back then, kids were always outdoors

with the lazy noon spent

playing board games

but now they have the mobiles!


Accompanying dad to the bank

standing in the queue

to get the job done

now, it’s all on the mobile.


Meeting with family and friends

was a favourite pastime

today its only a virtual connect

which the mobile does!


My world was a beautiful balance

of people, things and activities

but now,

my world is my mobile !!


Isn’t it true that in a matter of a decade the mobile has revolutionised our lifestyle and laid to rest so many of the simpler gadgets which were an integral part of our lives?


77 thoughts on “The mobile…”

  1. It’s True.
    Mobiles are everywhere and doing jobs for us.
    The most negative impact is the lack in strength of relationships and bondings.
    It has a lot of positive impacts also however…

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  2. You have beautifully described all the things that mobile phone has replaced in our lives. It’s a boon but over-use has turned into a nuisance. It’s up to us to restore the balance in our lives.

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  3. Radhika, brilliantly capturing the march of the mobile into all aspects of our lives! It has become my alarm clock (but for some reason an unreliable one!) and I do use it for some photos but still take out a special camera for trips – I have seen children looking at it in wonder and confusion! As with everything a balance needs to be struck how much it dominates our lives, takes over other events. Happy weekend and may it be mostly mobile free! Xx

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    1. Thanks Annika for stopping by. Yes the mobile has marched into our lives dominating most aspects of it, irrespective of whether we like it or not. It’s nice that you still carry your camera in your trips. Except professional and passionate photographers people are happy clicking with their mobiles.
      Enjoy your weekend too! Soccer , tennis and cricket is going to dominate it here 😁

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  4. Every technological advancement has its pros and cons It is up to us to make the most of it. For some reason, we seem to be losing the balance of using it and being used. A very profound poem.

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  5. Very true, absolutely agree πŸ‘ . Nowadays, bank means β€˜ATM’, for the kids and to visit someone’s house is a boring job for the kids. Even if we do take them, they would play mobile games instead of conversing with family and friends…
    Well written, Radhika πŸ‘Œ

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