Connecting back…

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #95, to write a tale within 280 characters or less on the picture.

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With no electricity, flooded roads and strong gales, the storm had left the town battered. Forced to stay indoors, with no connectivity, Frank was home alone with his family. Like the rain, endless conversations, games, stories flowed. He felt connected to his family after ages!

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50 thoughts on “Connecting back…”

  1. There can certainly be blessings in a change in routine. I remember being snowed in with my family with no electricity for a week. It was a wonder time of reconnecting. One that I remember to this day. 😊 good take on the prompt!

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      1. It is very very painful! Earlier people would fight and separate or stop talking…now with technology, people automatically isolate themselves in the bubble and stop talking!

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  2. This was our tale this vacation, Radhika. With no connectivity to the world – a broken television, newspapers that flowed away into the waters, flickering electricity – we spent our days in the company of children playing away silly games. In a digitally connected world, it takes a forced case of no digitization, to actually connect with near and dear.

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