The Bibliophagist!


The affair of a reader with his books is hard to describe. An avid reader, enjoys every moment with his books. Nothing compares to getting lost in this fascinating journey of fantasy, adventure, love, drama or a literary masterpiece. Be it an intense one or a casual read, the result is always magical.

Recently while browsing the net, I came across some new phrases, the scholars have compiled to describe some emotions a reader feels, ranging from funny to whimsical, which are generally hard to define.

I have tried to weave them together into poetry. Hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear your feedback. These new phrases are in bold and their meanings are at the end of the poem.

As a perfictionist, I glance

at my infinite collection of treasury,

with a feeling of shelfrighteous pride.

Passionately bookbosomed,

I carefully pick up

one among the many

from the litmosphere.

The senses breathe in

the lingering fresh scent

each crisp page emanates,

as it leaves me smellbound.

With a ravenous hunger

I plunge into her

feeling her warmth

as I turn her over.

I scrollmate with my favourite

as I am sentranced by it,

though at times guilty of readultry.

I am averse to ultracrepidarian,

epeolatry , I swear by,

for, I am an ardent bibliophagist!


Bibliophagist: a devourer of books, a voracious reader.

Perfictionist: a fiction reader with high expectations.

Shelfrighteous: a feeling of superiority about one’s bookshelf.

Bookbosomed: the habit of carrying a book at all times.

Litmosphere: the vast domain of readers and writers of the world.

Smellbound: captivated by the scent of books.

Scrollmate: an author, the reader finds a deep connection with.

Sentranced: the state of being captivated by a well written sentence.

Readultry: the act of being unfaithful to one book by reading another simultaneously.

Epeolatry: the worship of words.

Ultracrepidarian: someone who gives an opinion on things he knows nothing about.


95 thoughts on “The Bibliophagist!”

  1. Thank you Radhika, I loved your inspirational poem and the creative words you came up with. Among some of them I am definitely a bookbosomed person, always having a book in my purse. As well I am a smellbound one, well since I have been earlier on a professional bookseller back in Germany, that explains it all.

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    1. The feel and the scent of those crisp pages is so beautiful. I love them too. With you having been a bookseller, I can very well understand your love for books. So nice to see you here Cornelia. Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚


  2. I am a Shelfrighteous prick who loves dwelling in the Litmosphere. Though happily married, but committed Readultry with more than one Scrollmate. I am Smellbound; senses rule me. And, I am Sentranced by your eloquence and respect your Epeolatry.

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  3. Creativity at its very best…Take a bow…The books must be feeling alive and relishing the honor you have bestowed on them with these new age words… I am sure each book must be feeling like having won a β€œBooker”…Keep these β€œBook-a-licious” posts coming πŸ™‚

    Readultry, I realized is a crime i commit often 😦

    I have half a mind to spray my kindle reader with scents that emanate from books πŸ˜‰

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