A haiku poem in response to ronovanwrites weekly haiku challenge # 225, using the prompt words hunger & Strike


The wait is long

the clock strikes on oblivious

to worldly issues


hungry mouths implore

the eyes scan for a morsel

starving stomachs groan


each day a struggle

against tears and hunger

a forlorn saga.





A cauldron of thoughts!


Loving thoughts are always comforting

Errant thoughts play mischief, inviting trouble

Gnawing thoughts give sleepless nights

Divine thoughts envelope a calm

Dreamy thoughts enliven the mood

Frozen thoughts thaw with time, to take action

Kind thoughts spread a positive aura

Intuitive thoughts save the day

Reflective thoughts help the soul evolve,

Fearful thoughts sprout sweat beads

Anxious thoughts steal your peace

Ignorant thoughts brand you a moron

Wandering thoughts do well with direction

Profound thoughts kindle wisdom

Depressing thoughts sap your energy

Tempting thoughts are a total distraction

Emotional thoughts expose vulnerability

Slithering thoughts slip away before action

Immature thoughts need counselling

Radical thoughts garner a movement,

Contemplative thoughts untangle the conundrum

Creative thoughts inspires a magnificent composition!

Haunted Halloween!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 107, to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the pictures given below.

Photo by dlife88 at
Photo by Capri23auto at
Photo by simonwijers at

Amy decided to take the spookiness level of her Halloween party a notch higher. The haunted house in the woods with ravens clucking around, the crinkled pumpkins added to the eeriness. But, the hands creeping around the trees was not a part of the theme….now fear gripped her!

Letter count : 279





The air is infused with a

nostalgic fragrance

as the eyes take a tour

of a visual delight,

embossed in a digital diary.

A melange of emotions

a chest full of memories

a plethora of holidays

a trail of outgrown footprints,

each snapshot,

enlivens a riot of recollections

the heart rejoices with a smile

the celebrations and the tears

precious moments of life captured

that fade out of mind with

the passage of time,

but the impressions

stamped for eternity

in the photographs.



Twin Haikus!

In response to Ronovanwrites haiku challenge #223, to use the prompt words

Rise & Fall!



Barrage of words spew

when emotions rise and fall

sanity succumbs!


Life’s failure looms large

strong resilient spirit

rise of the phoenix!



Life Tour!

In response to’s weekly writing challenge  #161, to use the 5 prompt words given below in a poem/story.



With birth, we sign up for a

 tour package called “life”

hours roll by into years,

traversing endlessly

to chase a material mirage

creating an illusionary happiness.

Very few souls evolve

to merge into higher realms,

before the transitory body

becomes one with the dust!


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