Love…. relived!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 112, to write a tale on the picture prompt in 280 characters or less.


Sam & Tia were madly in love in their younger days. As time went by, busy schedules at work kept them away from each other, and they drifted apart.

Tia’s medical diagnosis, brought them back together, to relive their old love for the last few months of her life!

Letter count : 277


Moments of Solitude!

lake-1030810_960_720 (1)

The azure sky adorns a  balmy demeanor,

branches sway under the cool autumnal breeze,

the water gently cascades down the hill,

the dewy air laden with a sweet  cedar scent

butterflies meander, chirpy birds prance about

the pastoral ambiance oozes serenity,

beckons me to a rendezvous, with moments of Solitude!

Water War!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #111, to write a tale on the pic prompt in 280 characters or less.

By mh-grafik at


The year 2080.  Our blue planet has turned arid and grey. All life forms perishing across the globe with most sources of water having dried up.

Mr. Sen, now a frail nonagenarian, stood sadly by the well, recalling his prophecy of a Third world war, battling it out for “Water”!

Letter count : 277

Haiku – Future & Hope!

In response to Ronovanwrites haiku challenge # 228, to use the prompt words Future & Hope!

This time I have tried to provide a stark perspective to the two prompt words.

nature-845849_960_720 1

Earth dies a slow death

blinded by man’s greed, she chokes

hope for future, bleak!


Few spirited souls

champion the cause for clean earth

the future has hope!

B & W Photo Challenge!

In response to Cee’s B & W Photo challenge.

This week the topic is Flowing Water.

Ethipothala Falls near Hyderabad, India
Rudraprayag,  Uttarakhand , India
Vivekananda Memorial, Kanyakumari, India
Dancing fountain, Dubai 
A brook in the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Poland

Sidlak – Twilight!

A portrait

of endless expanse

emotes myriad temperaments

encompassing hues of rhapsody

the scarlet twilight sky!

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem ( no restriction on syllables) or the feelings of the writer.

The Deal!

In response to Fffaw challenge # 191, to write a short fiction in 100- 150 words (+/- 25) based on the picture prompt given below.


Mrs. Briganza watched with moist eyes as her home of 70 years was pulled down to build a swanky new building. Coming here after marriage as a young bride, she had many fond memories of her children growing up. Then the children left for foreign shores to pursue higher education. Their initial annual visits to her house became a rarity with time.  Now as a frail old lady she was all alone.

The initial joy on receiving a call from her son after years was short lived, when she found out the real reason behind it. With the recession hitting hard, they now demanded that their mother sell the house to bail them through the financial crisis.  They were to visit her soon to settle the property deal with the real estate agent and move their mother to an old age home.

But, Mrs. Briganza had other plans. She sold the property before their arrival and donated the proceeds to charity.

162 words

Happy Diwali !



celebrate the festive spirit

with joy, mirth and prayers.


burn the ego that resides within

dispel darkness of ignorance with wisdom.


brighten a life, with a kind deed

light up homes with sparkling smiles.


make this Diwali soundless

but one, that reverberates with

the laughter of family and friends.

A very happy and joyous Diwali to all my blogger friends 🙂



Pillars, concrete, skyscrapers,

greens gobbled up by the greys

the natural rocky terrain

bulldozed recklessly,

fly overs crisscrossing

a congested mayhem prevails.


Erratic weather, hotter summers

whimsical moods of the rains

winters gone into hibernation,

the starry night sky enshrouded

under a perpetual veil of smog.


Commuters braving the

serpentine traffic lines

inching ahead at snails pace

blatant disregard to rules

patience a waning virtue

burdened by stress and chaos.


Calm and relaxed lifestyle

seems to be a dream of yore.

Where is my city heading to,

in the name of progress,

Can’t it see the deadly noose

waiting to choke it to death?



Please pardon my rant…..the result of getting stuck in a traffic jam for over 2 hours!

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