Don’t rob my innocence!

In response to Helene’s What do you see weekly challenge, to write a post the pic prompt.


The tiny feet caper merrily

walks on the path of life

enjoying the wondrous sight

with curiosity and awe,

discovers boundless treasures

falters, learns and assimilates

savoring the magic of nature

rearing to hold infinity in his palms,


his sentinels grab him, to cast him into a mold

burden his tender shoulders with a load too heavy

bundle him on an assembly line

stamp him with fear and anxiety

confine his growth within the societal norms

rob him of his innocence, shred his soul,

churn out an end product –  a successful living robot!


76 thoughts on “Don’t rob my innocence!”

  1. Starting from the pure source, replete with love and colours – as the magical picture suggests, – to the pernicious reality of life today, replete with equivocal (in)humanity – your poem is a masterpiece of these times, Radhika.

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  2. A sage message Radhika, one to send to all parents of this world, allow your children to be children. We have sad and challenging circumstances awaiting our children into today’s world. Being a parent, as well as having been a child at one time, the same process has been alive in every generation. We mold them to our expectations, and it goes on, and on.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. It is a reminder, a blessed reflection on how we too often behave unfavorably.

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    1. You summarised it so well Hélène. Well, I thought this issue is faced predominantly in India. If it is so in other countries as well, then some serious thought needs to go into it. Else we will be producing smart zombies the world over.

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      1. India and everywhere else in the world, it is the way humans have raised children for centuries, to be someone, to be this and be that, expectations no matter what caste, creed or nation, rich or poor. It is more so in today’s age though, we are moving too fast into the robot age taking over all manual work and personal experience to us is being lost.

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