Payback Time!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 121, to write a tale in 280 letters or less on the given picture prompt.

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Widowed young, Meg took orders for baking, to make ends meet. Her baked goodies were heavenly and she managed a decent living, to raise her son well. Now in college, her son marketed her work on social media.

Today she has a roaring business with clients all over the world!

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मुलाकात – The meeting!


आज चंद खामोश लम्हे गुज़ारी तन्हाई मे,
 बरसो बाद अपने आप से मुलाकात हुई .

Today spent a few moments in silent reflection

I was surprised, meeting myself after ages!


In response to Helene’s weekly Tuesday challenge prompt , What do you see?


The frosty dark night,

under the blanket of melancholy

 frigid mind and frozen tears

weighed down  by the emotional tempest

lonely and desolate heart

hums a somber tune

drifting into slumber.


A dreamy reverie opens the door

the gentle breeze drapes me

in a warm blanket of hope

thaws the frozen tears

ushers in bright sunshine

paints the blistered soul

with a renewed  promise

of a new dawn filled

 with infinite solace!


A girl by the window…

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #120, to write a tale in 280 letters or less.

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Her debut novel ‘ A girl by the window’ catapulted Kaira from an unknown girl to a celebrity novelist. Now signing autographed copies of her book, her mind drifted back to the days when she sat by the coffee shop window observing people, where the idea of the novel was conceived.

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What is Courage?


The dictionary defines courage as “the ability to control fear and to be willing to deal with something that is dangerous, difficult or unpleasant”.

I always thought courage meant, to accomplish challenging tasks or heroic acts like scaling Mt. Everest, saving lives of people caught in a natural calamity, performing daredevil stunts or fighting terrorists.

But what I have come to realize is that, in our everyday life all of us exhibit courage at varying levels from seemingly insignificant to real brave ones.

Courage is not the absence of fear but to emerge victorious over it.


Stand up for a cause

Try something out of your comfort zone

Follow your heart

Remain cool when anger burns you

Swim against the tide

Demonstrate a resilient spirit

Walk out of an abusive relationship

Take a stand against a social evil

Own up responsibility for a wrong done

Say No

Steering clear of temptations…..

I am sure there are many more you can add to the above list.

The general perception of people is that, we dismiss such acts as nothing of real significance. But we forget that the cumulative effect of these little feats of courage, goes a long way in boosting our confidence with a sense of accomplishment, when we recognize and acknowledge them.

Can you relate to any of them? Do share and inspire people, as to situations where you have exhibited traits of being courageous.



My Sanctuary!

In response to secretkeeper’s prompt # 176, to use the 5 words in a poem/fiction.


I have attempted an Haibun for the same.


I break away from the frenzy of the turbid city life and head towards nature, to be lost in its ever welcoming arms. As I cross the city limits the landscape beckons me with an alluring gentleness. The early morning rays make a dazzling appearance behind the tangerine hues of the horizon. The green meadows revel in a golden glow of the radiant light.

I walk bare feet on the wet blades of grass, my hands feel the pregnant buds ready to bloom. I inhale the sweet fragrance of the flowers, and admire the meandering butterflies, as every sense organ of my body is recharged. The mind dances with delight at the tranquil surroundings which envelope me. I am awake to every passing moment as the energy from the intangible and sublime elements of nature converge into my inner most core. My heart sways to the soulful melody of nature’s song without words. These moments of solitude in nature is my sanctuary away from the humdrum of life.

Nature’s bonanza

kaleidoscopic marvel


Haibun is a Japanese genre of  combining prose  with a haiku (5\7\5 syllables). The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.

Sounds of Nature!

The trill of the cicadas

gurgle of the brook,

buzz of the insects,

 howl of the winds,

rustle of the leaves,

lashing of the rains,

 roar of the thunder,

 rumble of the waves,

 chirp of the birds,

 plop of the raindrop,

the music rendered by

nature’s orchestra

doesn’t need a conductor

 acoustics, fusion, melody blend seamlessly

as each artist plays in perfect symphony

to create a soul swaying rendition!

Cube On!

In response to IWH Haiku challenge #1, to write a haiku interpreting the pic given.

My twin haikus:

ic:Joshua Coleman

The jumbled patterns

mastering combinations

beating the timer.


Discerning layers

hands work with a wild passion

flirtatious affair!







Bon Appetit!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #118, to write a tale in 280 letters or less on the picture given below.

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The menu read, “ Organic spinach sautéed with garlic, blanched and pureed to perfection. Infused with aromatic herbs and garnished with fresh cream!”

“Mellow in taste and low in calories” beamed the waiter.

I kept staring at the bowl of soup placed in front of me…..

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