Day 18 – Unconditional Love!

Continuing the Valentine Special series, each day of the month, I will highlight a different facet of love in the form of a haiku. Hope you stay with me throughout this month long journey with all your support and love.


“The only way love can last a lifetime is, if it unconditional.” Stephen Kendrik

Unconditional love can be termed as true love without any expectations. It always puts the other’s likes, health, and happiness before theirs, without any conditions. Such love has no bounds and remains unchanged and steadfast amidst changing situations. It can be seen among family members, partners/spouses or even between a pet dog and his master.

No expectations

anchored in boundless love

without conditions


29 thoughts on “Day 18 – Unconditional Love!”

  1. True!! Parent’s love is the best example of it!!!! An old ailing neglected mother the moment she gets to know about even a minor illness of her son living far away will start worrying and praying for her son’s health….even trading with God whatever good health is left in her with that of her son’s illness!

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