CFFC – Roads!

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Roads, Country, Freeway, Street, Dirt etc.

Pathways , no matter how they are, always lead us to our destination!

Here are some random pictures taken over the years during our many travels .

A national highway – India
Near a fort in Jaipur
Picture 131
Auli – Uttarakhand




Caged Memories!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #129 to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the given prompt.

Photo by Tony Dinh at

Their affair had been wonderful till it lasted. Everything was going their way until life threw up some unexpected twists which led to their eventual breakup.

Free, yet caged to the innumerable memories they shared as a couple, didn’t help Tia get over it. Was she really free?

letter count : 278

Memories Unplugged!

In response to Isciblr’s Freedom of Expression Challenge : MEMORIES


Fond recollections envelope,

casts an enchanting spell,

fragrance of happy times waft

from the carefree childhood days.

Tender feet scampering

behind the meandering butterflies

revelling in the cuckoo’s melody

idyllic afternoons lazing in the orchards

echoes of the never ending banter

playful dreams of the little minds

partners in crime, in the naughty pranks

tricks and treats, bruised knees,

messy shirts privy to the artistic strokes

books and games being the best buddies

secret whispers in hushed tones

the sob stories and the impish grin

a collage of trinkets secretly stashed,

happiness was never scarce as

tiny delights ruled the roost.


as I walk down those lanes,

the beautiful scattered flowers

infuse a scent of reminiscence

of memories unplugged

filled with wistful nostalgia.

Just be!

In response to Susi’s haiku challenge # 10.

ic: Susi Bocks

Bonds asphyxiate

life, a discordant melee

sour relationship

Dissolve toxic moods

shed the stale veil of ego

stay calm and just be

Reflective thinking

synergy of mind and thoughts

ties blossom again.

Sometimes relationships or close bonds feel suffocated with overpowering proximity. The feeling of each being right, blinds their vision to see that each is stifling the other.They just need some space away from each other to ponder and reflect. This small step does wonders to revive the love in the relationship.

Do share your views on this.

The Plan!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #127, write a tale on the prompt in 280 letters or less.

Photo by Pexel2013 at

The rain lashed against the menacing wind.  A few stray dogs howled  giving the deserted station an eerie feel. The train was all set to chug along.  At the stroke of midnight, Alberto lit a cigarette, checked his pistol and boarded the train. It was time to carry out his plan.

Letter count : 277


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