In response to Bren’s photo of the week #30 – Landscape!

Picturesque beauty

fills natures  seamless canvas

surreal wonderment!



72 thoughts on “Landscape!”

      1. Yeah sadly! You remember last year i told you about plastic ban in mumbai? Now it’s back to the old way again with roadside sellers and small time shopkeepers openly using plastic bags – so much for hype and publicity earlier and keeping marshals to monitor and dedicated bins and big fines! Nothing got implemented properly!! And they didnt stop the source too ie the factories which produce plastic bags!

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      2. Yes Sifar. All these laws never get implemented seriously. The Mafia of the factory owners is pretty strong. They get these bans diluted easily by greasing a few palms. They fail to see the grave danger it is causing to the environment. Beyond a certain point, money is a waste when we don’t have air to breathe and water to drink.

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      3. Yeah…we are even not letting marine animals live…recently there was news of a whale dying of toxic shock after 40kg of plastic waste was recovered from its stomach!!!


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