The Letters!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 134, to write a tale in 280 letters or less on the given prompt.

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They had celebrated their silver jubilee anniversary recently, and were an example of a perfect couple still in love.

Her recent death had left him shattered. While clearing her closet, he found a bundle of love letters.

Did he really know her, after all those years together?

Letter count 278


Exercise with love…


Breathe consciously.

Stretch yourself to accomplish a challenge.

Walk the talk. Connect with family and friends more often.

Step away from people who spread negativity.

Bend to reach out to the lesser privileged.

Jump up at opportunities life throws your way.

Jog down the wistful nostalgic road.

Sprint far from temptations.

Train to face adversity with fortitude.

Run along with a smile.

Hop to keep the child in you alive.

Amble amidst nature to rejuvenate.

Pause to say a prayer of gratitude!

The trip to Space!

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In response to Kat’s twittering tale, to write a tale on the prompt in 280 letters or less!

First man selected as a tourist to space was finally a reality, after months of preparation. Tension mounting high, I embarked on the voyage. As we settled into the orbit, I started to relax.

The loud blast threw me out, only to realize I had fallen off my bed. End of my dream!

Letter count 279

Sssh….Don’t Cry!!


All of us have, at different point in time let the tears flow down. As children when we were hurt, denied a toy or a chocolate ….. as adults due to helplessness, frustration or being in pain caused by the action or words of a loved one. We have all succumbed to the emotional deluge.

“People cry, not because they are weak. It’s because they have been strong for too long” Johnny Depp

Crying is a natural way of letting off the pent up turmoil within one self. It is good to cry out the disappointment, pain, stress or anger. Unfortunately as kids and even adults for that matter, crying is viewed as a sign of weakness. We are always advised to control our emotions and be brave. One is shamed for being a sissy for letting the tears run, especially the boys. They are always reminded that boys unlike girls are strong and cannot cry.

When painful emotional energies are held within oneself, trapped in the fortress of our hearts, without an outlet, it often manifests as problems in other forms.

“I was removed from my high school basketball team. I locked myself in a room and cried” Micheal Jordon.

Crying is very essential for cleansing the soul and allowing peace and happiness to enter. It is unburdening the heavy emotional load off our heart. Tears are a natural mechanism to deal with overwhelming challenges that life throws at us at times. So just let them flow. They help us relieve pain and stress, improve our resolve to deal with the situation and help us connect with ourselves better.

“Sometimes a good cry can cure what a good laugh can’t!”

So what do you think? Is crying a strength or weakness?


In response to Kat’s twittering tale #132, to write a tale in 280 letters or less.

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My car broke down, my phone was dead. Stranded in an area away from civilization, I started walking to find help. Suddenly spotted a payphone. I prayed and inserted a coin. Couldn’t believe my luck when I heard the dial tone. But darn…

I couldn’t remember a single number!

Letter count : 278

The Roadrunner!


A couple of days back, a headline in a daily newspaper titled, “Her Highway” caught my attention.

Yogita Raghuvanshi – The first Indian truck driver!

The article briefly described that Yogita, a law graduate and single mother, took to the wheels and has been driving her truck across the length and breadth of India for the last 15 years.

Driving on the highways picking up and delivering industrial goods, clocking about 500000 miles so far, she says life has been good to her.

Given the unfavorable conditions in some pockets of India for a single women, Yogita says she has  never faced any handicap or felt vulnerable being a woman. In fact she has found people to be very helpful.

I applaud her courage and grit to break into a predominantly male bastion and make a successful career for herself. Kudos to such courageous women from everyday life, who set an example and  inspire many others!

“ A strong woman has a strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong. “

Have you come across any such strong women in a male dominated profession?


The Solo Trip!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 131. Write a tale in 280 letters or less.

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Her first solo trip abroad, had taught Annie life skills and learning beyond the two decades of formal education.

Missed flight, incessant weather, bitter experience, helpful people, diverse culture, dealing with situations….it was a mixed bag.

She was now ready to take on life!

Letter count 280

I am ME!


I may not be a powerful personality, commanding authority,

nor have a nerdy brain, postulating scientific theories.

I may not be blessed with chiseled looks, a face that launches many brands,

nor be a master chef, cooking up gourmet meals.

I may not be a business tycoon, globetrotting in his private jet,

nor a writer par excellence, who authored many titles.

I may not be a great actor winning many Oscars,

nor have an athletic frame, shattering records in every race.

I may not have a voice that renders beautiful melodies,

nor have many accolades to boast of,

I may not be a face that you recognize in the crowd,


my true beauty resides in my soul

resonates in my voice,

radiates in my smile,

reflects in my personality


I am “ME”

having a unique identity

among the billions around the world.

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