I am ME!


I may not be a powerful personality, commanding authority,

nor have a nerdy brain, postulating scientific theories.

I may not be blessed with chiseled looks, a face that launches many brands,

nor be a master chef, cooking up gourmet meals.

I may not be a business tycoon, globetrotting in his private jet,

nor a writer par excellence, who authored many titles.

I may not be a great actor winning many Oscars,

nor have an athletic frame, shattering records in every race.

I may not have a voice that renders beautiful melodies,

nor have many accolades to boast of,

I may not be a face that you recognize in the crowd,


my true beauty resides in my soul

resonates in my voice,

radiates in my smile,

reflects in my personality


I am “ME”

having a unique identity

among the billions around the world.

Pc: Doodle by my daughter


102 thoughts on “I am ME!”

      1. Right.. I agree with you… Everybody has their timezone… Some might get succes at 20 some may get at 40… So we shouldn’t worry about others and should focus on ourselves and try to do our best everyday and compare today’s myself with yesterday’s myself…And plan for tomorrow..😊😊

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  1. Waah……Waah…..bahut hi behtarin rachna…….bahut hi sundarta se likhi gayee rachna…….sach meri koyee pahchaan nahi hote huye bhi pahchaan hai…….meri prem, boli men mithaas…….sewabhav…dayaa..karuna……ye sab hammen hai aur garv hai mujhko khud par aur isi liye main main hun….aur esmen wastav men naari sadaiv shreshth hai.

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  2. Loved the poem as well as the doodle. Your daughter is very talented. I have seen her other sketches too which you shared earlier. Ask her to start a blog of her own or may be insta account showcasing her art (though I hope she is already doing it).

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  3. There is nothing as beautiful as “Real”
    You are beautiful my dear and we all felt beautiful after reading this ❤
    Aditi is so so talented👏👏👏(I hope I remember her name right😄)

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  4. We all are unique and need to accept ourselves like that without comparing with others – that will make us a lot more happier!
    Beautiful pic and words! Just wondering which came into existence first? Or rather which was the motivation for the other – the pic or the poem? 🤔

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      1. Welcome.
        Submit your work and get featured on our website.
        you will also get a chance to write your blog with us.
        Let us know if you are interested.
        Thank you


  5. I will kinda go against the writing on the picture and say “” AM REAL BUT NOT PERFECT”
    Keep up the good work am really learning from you..
    Thumbs up!!!

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