The Makeover Gift!

In response to Helene’s weekly challenge What do you see ?


I look at myself in the mirror of life.

Unhappy with what I see,

A makeover is the call of the day

Lets begin, I tell myself!

To cleanse the body and soul

I learn to forgive and forget,

snip off my inflated ego ,

In the bargain realize

I have lost a few kilos.

Indulge the soul in a meditative spa

Cleaning all the grime of pride

I dab it with a layer of charity .

Choose an attire of floral sunshine

line my eyes to see good in others

highlight my face with smiles that travels miles

seal it with positive affirmations

color my lips with sweet talk

accessorize the look with loads of gratitude

perfume it with divine fragrance of prayers

put on the shoes to lead me on a righteous path.

All set,

I present myself with the gift of now.

Ah! Just love this makeover

I have gifted myself,

I bask in the compliments

life showers on me!


The Proof!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 138 to write a tale on the prompt in 280 letters or less.

Photo by Moritz 320 at


Cleaning the garage of their house, Mary stumbled on some old film negatives buried deep under the pile of books. The pictures told a gruesome tale.

Should she confront her husband, go to the police or just let it pass. Her mind was in a turmoil. Finally she made her decision!

Letter count : 279


In response to Helene’s What do you see Challenge?


Within the confines of my body

hounded by insecurities

I suffocate, struggle, stagnate

captive in the fortress of my mind.

In isolation I fight the avalanche of thoughts

absorbing the tremors of after effect.

The reverberations distinctly audible

in the empty silence of the soul.

The clock traverses its path

in moments of reflection ,

I unlearn and clear the cocoons.

The cloak of tangled mess drops,

metamorphosis happens.

The puzzles of the jigsaw of life

fall into place

completing a beautiful picture of



Photo Challenge – Vista!

In response to Tuesday photo challenge #161, by Dutch goes the photo.

Prompt : Vista

Recently we visited Cinque Terre, the once isolated string of 5 fishing villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso) on the rugged Italian coastline, which today is a popular tourist place. Still maintaining its quaint old world charm, it boasts of some spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea, from atop the cliff. The best way to explore these villages once you get off the train, is by foot. It is dotted with tiny cafes, hiking trails, small vineyards. The houses perched on the steep landscapes, with their vibrant colors make it a visual delight.




Rain – The Artist!

In response to’s Freedom of Expression Challenge #21, for the prompt word “RAIN”



The arid tanned landscape

paints a picture so gloomy,

the languid eyes look up in earnest

at the clear blue skies

waiting to be enveloped by

the dark grey clouds

to shower pearly white drops

washing the dusty brown land anew.

The fresh scent of petrichor

the drops bring in,

paints the earth in hues of green

the aqua waters of the sea swell up,

the crimson petals of flowers

lie scattered on the pavement, satiated

every living soul comes alive

O Rain,

the flora and fauna

rejoices as you shower

your silver elixir!

Fiery Heat!

ic :

Fiery heat casts a spell

on the dreary summer noon

green grass withers a tan,

the branches stand still,

water bodies parched to death,

birds scurry to quench their thirst,

the cicada’s trill, echoes anguish

nature lies defeated,

devoid of life

insipid, motionless

burning under the raging sun!

Happy Anniversary!


Thoughts conceived, words birthed

inked on the blogsphere,

another milestone,

today radhikasreflection

turned a terrific 3!


तनहा निकले थे अपने यादों के सफर में,

आपके साथ ने, इसे बेहद खूबसूरत बना दिया.


Embarked on a solitary journey with my thoughts

your company has made it a memorable one!


A big thank you to all my blogger friends for the constant support through your likes, feedback, encouragement, difference of opinion and appreciation. Believe me each one of you have contributed to this growth in me.

Your responses, like the gentle rays of the sun warms my heart. Signing off with a request to continue this beautiful patronage of love.


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