Happy Anniversary!


Thoughts conceived, words birthed

inked on the blogsphere,

another milestone,

today radhikasreflection

turned a terrific 3!


तनहा निकले थे अपने यादों के सफर में,

आपके साथ ने, इसे बेहद खूबसूरत बना दिया.


Embarked on a solitary journey with my thoughts

your company has made it a memorable one!


A big thank you to all my blogger friends for the constant support through your likes, feedback, encouragement, difference of opinion and appreciation. Believe me each one of you have contributed to this growth in me.

Your responses, like the gentle rays of the sun warms my heart. Signing off with a request to continue this beautiful patronage of love.



85 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Happy birthday to Radhika’s Reflections 😁😁 and congratulations, R 💖💖 Can’t believe it’s been three years since I met you here 🙂🙂
    Btw, is happy birthday the right thing to say here? 😉😂

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    1. Yup Rekha, time flies😀….. The one thing I love here is there is no right or wrong…..so happy blog birthday or anniversary…….a beautiful wish is always welcome dear 💟😊


  2. Congratulations Radhika — love, love, love your writing, your thought provoking posts and gentle presence. Feel blessed and grateful to have connected with you. Wish you many more wondrous days/years of writing – and us the blessing of reading and enjoying them! 🙂

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  3. Happy Anniversary! It has been an enjoyable learning experience for me, thank you so much for all your beautiful posts and I wish you many many more years ahead.

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