Lessons to be learnt…


We the flowers come in a

myriad hues, making us special.

Our fragrance, rarity or looks

further enhance our beauty.

Never do we compete

with one another but

complement and complete

each other, holding hands.

Be it at the altar or in a bouquet,

at the shrine or a festival.

At the garden swaying

in harmony to the

gentle breeze and admiring glances,

we infuse happiness and smiles

across the miles!

I often ponder, that there is so much for us to learn from these pretty flowers. Some are wild, some so delicate, some are short lived while some stay bloomed for months, the fragrance of some mesmerize while some others are an epitome of beauty. Each one so unique and beautiful in their own way and yet all of them, so happy with their “being”, without an iota of envy creeping in.

They seem to be the perfect example of unity and beauty in diversity.

Then why is Man, the most intelligent species, always competing with each other to be one up? Why does he fail to learn from all other components of nature who live in perfect harmony?

Are we really the most intelligent?


63 thoughts on “Lessons to be learnt…”

  1. As you so beautifully say, Radhika, flowers just are. Their beautiful and giving
    selves. Human beings are intelligent but frequently are lacking in the emotional
    Envy is an ugly witch and should be banned from childhood.


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    1. Well said Miriam. Instilling a severe competitive spirit since a young age permeates into children’s personality to always aim to be the best, rather than enjoying and appreciating being just them.


  2. Yes, why? If only we would learn from what our Mother Nature demonstrates ever so often through the conduct of her other children.

    Intelligent? Have you seen any other creature which purposefully destroys its own habitat? That’s how wise we are!

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  3. I guess we are wise only when it comes to feeding to our greed and selfish interests!! We have plundered the earth and yet dont learn anything. Even if it’s ultimately harming us, we dont seem to care. Recently there was a news about people unknowingly consuming 5g or more of plastic in a week from water etc which us equivalent to a credit card…!! Yet we are blatantly using more and more plastics even where there is an alternative! Govt doesn’t implement policies properly and people dont care…the mumbai plastic ban is all but gone now….

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    1. I always feel man is the most selfish creature on earth.
      Yes, I too read about that article. I have written a post tilted Plastic Poison about the same. Do check it out at your leisure. Have a good day Sifar!


  4. Radhika, beautiful and wise lines.
    It is very difficult to draw a thin line between healthy competitive spirit and cut throat competitive spirit.
    Nature teaches us in its own way, humans should have patience to learn.

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