Plastic Poison!

Environmental Destruction, Waste, Plastic

“How much plastic is in your diet? “Glared the headline in today’s newspaper.

It says that worldwide people could be ingesting about 5g of microscopic plastic particles every week, equivalent in weight to a credit card averaging about 250 g over the course of one year.

The main sources of culprit are bottled water, beer, shellfish, packaged food and salt according to the University of Newcastle in France. Plastic particles have also been found in significant quantities in marine creatures.

Another study reveals that people in many nations eat and drink about 45000 plastic particles smaller than 130 microns annually while breathing in the same number.

More than 75% of all plastics winds up as waste being dumped into nature, polluting rivers, land and the oceans.

In the last two decades the world has produced as much plastic as during the rest of history and this trend is projected to grow at the rate of 4 % per annum.

Isn’t it shocking to read?

I remember as a kid stepping out to the market with my cloth bag, the grocer giving the provisions in paper bags, milk came in glass bottles. Almost everything was eco-friendly. People got things repaired and refilled. The concept of use and throw was alien. Though we didn’t have many luxuries and comforts to boast of, people were a happier and healthier lot.

If we want to remain healthy and save our environment we need to stop millions of tons of plastic that continue to leak into nature causing irreversible damage to all living beings and the planet.

What do you feel? I am sure many of us are doing our bit in making this planet a better place, do share it with the readers at large so that many can implement them and contribute to the cause.


69 thoughts on “Plastic Poison!”

      1. Yes same here, Radhika and even water and the amount of trees that we r cutting for modernization it is horrible. My son is so angry with our BMC they r such idiotic people. He is saying one month I want to work with the environment people and do something about cleaning our coty

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      2. Yes, thanks to this reckless cutting of trees, 11 of the hottest places of the world are from India. Just imagine this time the temperature in a town in Rajasthan touched 50 degrees.


      3. Yes Kamal. Plastic poisoning, global warming, water crisis, deforestation ……. All in the name of progress. We are all guilty of raping nature. Sorry to be using such a harsh word but sadly that’s exactly what man is doing today.


      4. Yes, yes I completely agree with you, Radhika and of course we have destroyed her of everything,look at the animals we r killing and just because they don’t talk. Hope our world improves with God’s grace and mercy.

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  1. I agree Radhika! We are destroying our beautiful planet for the sake of comfort and convenience. Now that the studies have confirmed it’s impact on our health too, Active efforts need to be taken.
    All of these plastic products are such a regular part of our lives. It’s almost impossible to eliminate it unless we stop manufacturing more.
    Carrying cloth bags is a very efficient measure and I have been doing that for years. But it’s hard to find such ways in other areas. Such as packaged products.
    Thank you so much for sharing this! Even such articles play a major role in spreading awareness! Every effort is a step worth appreciating ❤️

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    1. Gauri, unfortunately plastic has eroded deep into our every day life, making it toxic. While as responsible citizens we are taking little steps in reducing the usage of plastic, the onus lies hard on the government to take serious measures to ensure we do away with its use totally and be very strict in its implementation.

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      1. Absolutely! I agree! Plastic has literally taken over our lives in the urban world. No matter how much we try as citizens, the burden of this responsibility still rests on the shoulders of the government. Very true! We need to take sincere steps against the plastic epidemic.

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  2. It is the biggest concern of our times …… It saddens me …….I try and avoid as much plastic as I can in our daily lives but there is a scope for a lot more … hopefully I will switch to a more sustainable lifestyle ……..

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    1. Absolutely Ekaterina. Try as much, it is impossible to banish plastic from everyday life.( Maybe reduce its usage). Only if the government passes a ban to stop production of plastic and use eco friendly products/packaging in its place, we can probably save the environment from further harm.

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  3. Slowly people are becoming aware of the hazards that plastic poses. In our region, most of the schools have banned plastic tiffins and bottles. But we need strict legislation from the government. Use of polythene should be strictly prohibited.

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  4. It’s like everyone is aware but nothing much is done😥
    We are gifted with such a beautiful Earth and environment but we humans are no less than monsters who are bound to destroy it in every way possible 😓

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  5. The worst part is that before the planet it’s our own bodies being harmed. The rising number of cancer cases is partially a testimony today to such antibodies found in low quality plastics! So rven if we can start thinking in that manner, we can learn the concept of circular economy.


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