Ideas and Thoughts!


How do ideas or thoughts to write come to you? Do they come in……


Like a thunder out of the blue, in a flash

and keys type in, at lightning speed?


Like the burning desert sand, under the scorching sun

the thoughts , vent out ,seething ire?


Like the caress of the halcyon zephyr in the azure sky

the thoughts compose beautiful verses of love?


Like the serene waters in deep meditative trance

 the words seek to find an answer, beyond cosmic realm?


Like the dull foreboding grey monotone sky

the writings spill out melancholic odes?


Like a long forgotten idea in hibernation

thawed by the warm sunshine, blossoming into a beautiful poetry?


Like the sultry moonlight between the glitterati of twinkling stars

igniting an ardent passion of words, culminating in a union?


Like the downpour from the heavenly skies, nurturing life,

your thoughts ink to inspire and motivate mankind?


How do thoughts and ideas to write, come to you? Do share.




88 thoughts on “Ideas and Thoughts!”

      1. Thanks for the delightful assessment of my work, you make me humble, thereby forcing me to reply in earnest. I derive my ideas and thoughts from mundane interactions with people and while getting entertained by reading, movies, music.

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  1. Radhika you have done a superb work with thoughts that pour in and we feel like writing poems or stories. You are a great writer yourself and with me too on a good topic a poem will sometimes flow and I then jot it down and my poetry too flows. A beautiful poem.

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  2. You’ve truly captured the magic, uniqueness and wonder of creativity! I think I relate most to your example of “the burning desert sand, under the scorching sun the thoughts, vent out, seething ire”. I’m going to need to record that passage in my diary 🙂

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  3. A good question, Radhika. It actually set me thinking of the various ways possible, which you have beautifully showcased.
    I guess, for me my thoughts go through the grind in my brain, sometimes hibernate and then flow out, but when they do, they pose differently than what I expected of them within me 😀

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    1. Yours , Krishnapriya , I am sure come from the overflowing love that pours out for the lord. They are so pure and take the reader on a spiritual journey. Reflecting on them, makes me experience nothing short of absolutely divinity.🙏

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  4. This is beautiful Radhika. I wish it was as easy. For me it comes from daily life and experiences. Nothing exotic. At times I have to push myself to write like an exercise so I don’t forget how to.

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  5. Am a kind of person who learns faster from observing happenings around me, I can confidently say my ideas and thoughts come from my observing and sensitive nature.

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