In response to Tuesday photo challenge – Rectangles!

A plethora of emotions I hold,

memories captured in a frame,

signs to guide the weary traveler,

celebrations of life,

heritage revisited,

artistic hues on the canvas.

I open the door to new vistas

from the cradle to the grave


within the boundaries of my four lines!


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Before it is too late….

Richa’s Freedom of expression challenge : Revival

Cyclone, Forward, Hurricane, Storm, Clouds

Mother earth asphyxiates

held captive in her own home

chained to the callous attitude of man

crumbling under the debris of plastic

gasping for a breath of fresh air

her shrunken and wrinkled beauty

a glaring testimony ,

to her ailing symptoms.

Its time we hear her cries ,

heal her body and revive her soul,

before she succumbs,

annihilating life!


Dandelion, Umbrella, Flying, Blow, Wish You, Desire

You applaud my triumphs, accept my failures

calm the ripples of my mind,  lay my apprehensions to rest

show me the ray of light peeping in through the darkness.


You read me like a book, with a perfect understanding

of the layers of my emotion, edit a few false impressions I infer

help me fill in some blank spaces.


You bring sanity to my chaotic mind,

 let me be, love me for who I am.

 truly blessed to have You in my life!


I am sure many of you have that one special “You “ in your lives……he/she may be a parent, spouse, friend or a sibling with whom you can relate this poem to.

Who is that You in your life?

The art of listening!


Sculpture, Bronze, The Listening, Listen To, To Listen

Conversations flow

tongues wag

soft whispers

loud banters

everyone is busy

exercising their mouth

but who is listening?

Ears seem to be

an ornamental piece

in the face….

It seems to have

forgotten its function,

the art of listening!

Today, if you have noticed people always want their voice to be heard, but lack the patience to listen. Effective or active listening like other precious traits is becoming a rarity.  They ask a question and do not have the willingness or the ear to hear you out.

Parents don’t give a conscious ear to their child’s small talks, as their phones keep them busy,  the husband is busy watching an interesting match to lend a patient hearing to his wife, the colleague is busy working on a presentation when you speak, friends cut you through as you talk….. am sure many of you can relate to these scenarios.

Today, the art of actively listening is becoming a lost virtue. Do you agree?



Poetic Language!

Book Opened on Top of White Table Beside Closed Red Book and Round Blue Foliage Ceramic Cup on Top of Saucer

In response to V. J’s weekly challenge # 56,  Language.

Everyday musings

a cauldron of thoughts

amalgam of ideas

melange of narratives

rants and ramblings

reflections of the introspective self

ire of a muted soul

lyrical rhymes

inks of serenity

scribbles of the vagabond

dialogues from the dark

potpourri of emotions

questioning quill

a medley of celebrations.

The poetic moods drape the words

intense, subtle or lucid,

in a myriad hues


I love the language that poetry speaks!

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