Where did we lose it?

Flowers, Child, Girl, Dandelion, Field, Human, Children

In response to V. J’s weekly challenge # 62, CHILDHOOD/CHILD

Childhood, a beautiful phase of life

where the soul radiates an innocent aura

the heart devoid of any malice,

forgiveness is a virtue to swear by

abundant echoes of laughter resonate

ย tiny delights translate to happiness

the questioning mind experiments

dreams take a fancy flight to fantasy

ingenious creativity sparks unique solutions

simplicity defines each moment.


Why as we grow into adults do we bury

these genuine and transparent qualities

ย in the sands of time?


48 thoughts on “Where did we lose it?”

      1. Yes exactly.Try talking to kid and explain your complex problem and you will be amazed with the simplicity they will give you the solution.
        Believe me I have tried that with my kid.haha

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