In response to Ryan’s photo of the week #43, Blue!

Across the various hues

of the cerulean spectrum

the calm aqua waters

the azure expansive yonder,

I hear the soft whispers of the blue

sing a divine halcyon melody !




Haibun – The Law of Karma!

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City life today embroils man in an urban mess. His mind clamors against the stress, adding to the din. He buckles under the overwhelming burden of his pregnant thoughts. Fatigue overpowers his listless body. As the energy saps to rock bottom, he decides to take a travel break.

Wandering far, the mystic mountains beckon him. He follows his inner navigational guide to a serene nook in the lap of nature. Meditating there, opens new vistas of the spiritual realm to him. The mist of veil surrounding his clogged mind clears, infusing it with bright sunshine. The inner awakening ignites the psychic inter dimensional vibrations in him. He surrenders to the cosmic call, spends his life in spiritual nirvana.

Basking in the lap of material success,

the hollowness of life haunts him.

Delving inward, a reflective mood envelopes

the law of karma, plays its role

the fragile mind is empowered by divine grace

the soul revels in a sublime yet glorious trance!

Haibun is a Japanese genre of combining prose with poetry. The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.

Happy Diwali!


This Diwali, lets make a difference!

Lets clear the obscurity that shrouds the mind

infuse it with a scent of gratitude.

Let the joyous mirth transcend

to light up our hearts with a luminous aura.

It’s time we pledge to stay away from crackers

but ensure to burst our inflated ego,

filing it with a liberal dose of humility.

Lets ignite the lamp of our soul

to be a beacon of light, in the darkness

emitting rays of hope shining bright.

Lets make this Diwali a special one,

upholding the spirit of the festival

with the triumph of good over evil.

Let the sparkle from the illuminations

brighten humanity with warm vibes.

This Diwali lets make a difference!!


A very Happy Diwali to all my blogger friends!




In response to Kat’s twittering tale#159, to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the given pic prompt.

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The initial few years of marriage was bliss for Ron and Uma. Slowly Ron got sucked into the virtual web, that he found it impossible to come out of it. Unable to continue a life with him, Uma filed for a divorce on the grounds that he had turned a “technoholic”!

Letter count :265

Do you agree….?

In today’s world, technology has made inroads into every household and is indispensable. While one can’t deny its myriad benefits, to use it wisely is something we need to learn. Like quicksand we are getting sucked into its web, ignoring a life beyond it. In many cases it is taking a toll on our social and personal life. Lets work towards keeping it a boon and before it turns into a bane!



The Paranormal Guest!

In response to Eugenia’s BrewNSpew Cafe prompt : Supernatural

Ghost, Halloween, Horror, Bride, White, Death

Clad in a shadowed white

she walked through the closed door

for a midnight sojourn.

Her eerie silence echoed

jolting me abruptly from my slumber.

Sweat trickled down my brow

awakening me to a chilling fear

weird shrills pierced  the dark hollow of the night

the nocturnal silhouette gifted me a red rose

numbing my senses in a haunting web.

The next morning,

I rubbished the incident

as a nightmarish hallucination,

but as I turned over

there lay a red rose next to me!






Every day is a fresh start…

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #158, to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the prompt given below.”Use one of the sayings as your title and build a tale around it, or incorporate several sayings in your tale.”

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The near fatal accident, changed business honcho Vikram’s life forever. Changing priorities, he decided to enjoy the little things. Grateful that he was still alive, he followed the motto of Live, love, laugh and realized Life is beautiful when you count your blessings!

Letter count :270



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At each stage in life, we keep learning, seeking knowledge. The teachers imparting this knowledge may differ, but the lessons learnt remains with us for a lifetime. Teachers, professors, family, experiences, incidents all have an indelible impression in the molding our personality.

“Once a student always a student”. The one who follows this maxim is a good student. Graduating from college is just a few steps we have taken in our ascent to gain knowledge. One who ceases to learn, stagnates. Many life lessons are learnt beyond the  four walls of the school and college.

Learning a new language, hobby, sport, inculcating a new value, keeping abreast of the fast changing technology, learning to be more benevolent, forgiving, learning to embrace and adapt to changes…….it is an eternal journey and life is the best teacher!

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Do share your life’s learnings beyond the portals of education!





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