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At each stage in life, we keep learning, seeking knowledge. The teachers imparting this knowledge may differ, but the lessons learnt remains with us for a lifetime. Teachers, professors, family, experiences, incidents all have an indelible impression in the molding our personality.

“Once a student always a student”. The one who follows this maxim is a good student. Graduating from college is just a few steps we have taken in our ascent to gain knowledge. One who ceases to learn, stagnates. Many life lessons are learnt beyond the  four walls of the school and college.

Learning a new language, hobby, sport, inculcating a new value, keeping abreast of the fast changing technology, learning to be more benevolent, forgiving, learning to embrace and adapt to changes…….it is an eternal journey and life is the best teacher!

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Do share your life’s learnings beyond the portals of education!






38 thoughts on “Learning!”

  1. Radhika, your quotes are great and so true, as are your thoughts on the matter.
    Funnily I just discussed this on the phone with a friend just now. How boring
    life could be – and sad – if we stopped having the curiosity and courage to learn every day.


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    1. Thank you so much Miriam. I have seen many elders in the family who feel they know all given their age and experience. While I don’t deny that, but many times they refuse to see another perspective and adapt or learn something new. Learning is something I believe that should be a life long journey. We can always strive to be better and improved versions of ourselves ☺️

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  2. Dear Radhika, thank you for this post, I can’t agree more with you. Yet it’s not only the learning, more than that it is the every daily practice that’s what will make a difference in our self and eventually in the world. Have a wonderful weekend with “Minds together” from Cornelia

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  3. Agree in toto, Radhika. Currently, there are so many platforms available to learn from the convenience of home itself. So not learning will be only an excuse. We should embrace learning in whatever we like. Options are plenty 👍

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  4. I agree that learning should never stop. I actually started a blog this past year dedicated to my journey with learning to fish. I’ve always loved to write and teach and now I finally have something I’m passionate about to help others learn as well. l2fish.home.blog

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