The Paranormal Guest!

In response to Eugenia’s BrewNSpew Cafe prompt : Supernatural

Ghost, Halloween, Horror, Bride, White, Death

Clad in a shadowed white

she walked through the closed door

for a midnight sojourn.

Her eerie silence echoed

jolting me abruptly from my slumber.

Sweat trickled down my brow

awakening me to a chilling fear

weird shrills pierced  the dark hollow of the night

the nocturnal silhouette gifted me a red rose

numbing my senses in a haunting web.

The next morning,

I rubbished the incident

as a nightmarish hallucination,

but as I turned over

there lay a red rose next to me!







40 thoughts on “The Paranormal Guest!”

  1. Paranormal relates to an extra sensory visitor from the ethereal world.I have a gut feeling that your vision of the visitor so vividly described, is really real. If not, your imagination and choice of words are “paranormal”.
    The knockout punch.. a “heart stopper”.. is the red rose found by your bed side.
    lady, please accept a bouquet of red roses from this admirer.
    Your poem is “out of the world”

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