Haibun – The Law of Karma!

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City life today embroils man in an urban mess. His mind clamors against the stress, adding to the din. He buckles under the overwhelming burden of his pregnant thoughts. Fatigue overpowers his listless body. As the energy saps to rock bottom, he decides to take a travel break.

Wandering far, the mystic mountains beckon him. He follows his inner navigational guide to a serene nook in the lap of nature. Meditating there, opens new vistas of the spiritual realm to him. The mist of veil surrounding his clogged mind clears, infusing it with bright sunshine. The inner awakening ignites the psychic inter dimensional vibrations in him. He surrenders to the cosmic call, spends his life in spiritual nirvana.

Basking in the lap of material success,

the hollowness of life haunts him.

Delving inward, a reflective mood envelopes

the law of karma, plays its role

the fragile mind is empowered by divine grace

the soul revels in a sublime yet glorious trance!

Haibun is a Japanese genre of combining prose with poetry. The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.


47 thoughts on “Haibun – The Law of Karma!”

    1. Appreciate your kind words of encouragement N. I am still a work in progress trying to learn something new, as life goes by.
      Right now, for me the quest for spiritual growth continues mainly through books. Let’s see where life takes me finally😀

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      1. As long as we keep learning, we keep growing. It is a common misconception that spirituality needs detachment from the routine; on the contrary, a touch of spirituality in our mind intertwines beautifully with the rigours of the material world by introducing such facets to life that our outlook towards the ordinary changes for the better – empathy, kindness and patience become second nature. I find that I can afford a quiet smile to myself when I think of the “behind the scenes” of any particular issue, why someone is behaving in a particular way, or, how insignificant a matter may be in the larger scheme of things. Personally, for me, this spirituality flows from my connect with Mother Nature. I think that’s too much to chew for today… 🙂

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      2. You have highlighted a beautiful perspective to spirituality, N, and I agree with it. The gamut of spirituality is very wide and liable to be interpreted in a myriad ways. To me, being spiritual equips me to deal with the pressures or challenges of life better. Within the boundaries of my social and family responsibilities, I seek to explore answers as to the connect I have with the people around me, contemplate and delve on questions about the infinite, try to identify with my inner soul…. Its such an intriguing, fascinating and exhilarating journey to tread on.

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  1. Radhika, first thank you for your excellent explanation of Haibun, you capture its essence with such clarity I finally understand them. You’ve even inspired me to give this a go!

    I love your poem, and its reflections. The trappings of our outer lives will never offer fulfilment to our inner selves!

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