Photography – Peace!

Warmth and serenity oozes out,

the balmy ambience,

permeates the soul,

infusing it with tranquil peace!






Tuesday photo challenge : Peace


Himalayan Ecstasy

Reblogging an old post!


Sharing a few pictures of the Mighty Himalayas on our visit to the holy shrine of Badrinath, a few years back. The spectacular scenic beauty enroute and the positive vibrations at the temple rejuvenated the body and soul.

“The magnificent mountains of the Himalayas soared up to the heavens to kiss it, the clouds whispering and caressing its high peaks. Serrated and snow-capped, these gigantic mountains were a sight to behold. The eyes admiring the pristine beauty in awe, the heart soaking in the pure energy of the tranquil atmosphere and the mind experiencing the spiritual bliss.  The evening rays of the sun painting its peak to a golden blush. Standing in front of the majestic mountains felt like the eons of time stood still. ”

DSC02168 Salt n pepper

DSC02173 Jagged edge

DSC02324 Romancing the mountains

DSC02327 Whispering clouds

DSC02328 Rendezvous heights

Picture 245 Careless Wisps

Picture 252 Sentries of the North citadel

Picture 265 Dusk beckoning the hills

Picture 266 Golden…

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Happy Children’s Day!

Boy in Blue and White Shirt Playing Near on Body of Water With Boy in Red Shirt

While children are cute little bundles of joy, parenting in today’s times is a super challenging job. I am sure you all agree with me on that.

Watching my kids grow up, I have compiled a few random observations which I am sure apply to kids across the globe. So here they go…..

  1. They have an uncanny ability to ask the most embarrassing question at the most inappropriate time and place.
  2. They want to poop as you are half way though your lunch.
  3. Feeding them a complete meal is an achievement.
  4. Their innocent smile melts away all our anger.
  5. They forget their fights almost immediately and always have a clean slate.
  6. On a holiday you decide to wake up a little late, they are up at the crack of dawn.
  7. Their bag of questions are unending.
  8. The wall is a great canvas to showcase their artistic skills.
  9. They throw a tantrum at the most unexpected place.
  10. They never go to bed on time when you plan an outing or movie.

I am sure all of you have your own titbits to add to the above list. 🙂



Nomadic thoughts on a whirlwind

running haywire, grossly entangled

a constant battle for supremacy

the mind embroiled in a mess,

endless questions, elusive answers

confusion explodes, cluttered views

explores to find an escape

from the unsettling obscurity

the fragile mind yearns for peace,

free from the endless tempest of commotion!

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