Happy Children’s Day!

Boy in Blue and White Shirt Playing Near on Body of Water With Boy in Red Shirt

While children are cute little bundles of joy, parenting in today’s times is a super challenging job. I am sure you all agree with me on that.

Watching my kids grow up, I have compiled a few random observations which I am sure apply to kids across the globe. So here they go…..

  1. They have an uncanny ability to ask the most embarrassing question at the most inappropriate time and place.
  2. They want to poop as you are half way though your lunch.
  3. Feeding them a complete meal is an achievement.
  4. Their innocent smile melts away all our anger.
  5. They forget their fights almost immediately and always have a clean slate.
  6. On a holiday you decide to wake up a little late, they are up at the crack of dawn.
  7. Their bag of questions are unending.
  8. The wall is a great canvas to showcase their artistic skills.
  9. They throw a tantrum at the most unexpected place.
  10. They never go to bed on time when you plan an outing or movie.

I am sure all of you have your own titbits to add to the above list. 🙂


48 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day!”

  1. Happy children’s day to you too, Radhika. You’ve compiled an exhaustive list 😀…
    I can recollect a few too..
    1. The day you wear white clothes, your children shower extra affection on you(more so with muddy hands🙄)
    And they spill milk/food or create a mess when we are totally exhausted and just want to crash 😀😀😀.
    Cheers to the child in each one of us 👍

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  2. Aaah yes yes and yes!
    They need extra hugs and kisses, the days you are getting late to leave the house.
    They are lazy to get up on school days and super early on weekends.
    And yes, one more time, they will always have to use the potty in the middle of your meals..

    And then like you said the list goes on..lol!
    Happy children’s day! They are also our life’s biggest blessing ❤️ ☺️

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  3. Radhika, I love how there is a children’s day! May all children be very happy! 😀 Great list about children here and what I found through young children is their insatiable appetite for learning about the world around them. Through them I began to look at the natural world with renewed interest and vigour. How could one NOT study a Stone for ten minutes, discussing it in intricate detail. What could be more important?!

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    1. I agree Annika. Their never ending questions intrigues me. There is never a dull moment in their lives. Always exploring, feeling, experiencing….they learn and comprehend a lot beyond books.
      And amen to that beautiful wish Annika . May they always have happy smiles on their faces ♥️

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  4. Happy Children Day to you and your Children, Radhika and I completely agree with all your pointers. Today a mother has to face more challenges with technology that has taken each and everyone like a storm. Our times at least our children would listen to us and that is what children are. Lovely picture so beautiful.

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