Greener 2020!


Tomorrow, as we usher in another year, 2019 becomes the past.

With the hope to step into the future with an open mind,

grow from the missteps we took in the past,

let’s etch productive footprints in the sands of time, today

to leave a better planet for our children tomorrow.

May the year herald a change in people’s mindset towards healthy sustainable living. Hope the year is filled with positive vibes, abundant happiness and peace for all, across the globe!

A Happy 2020 to all my fellow bloggers!





The Birth of Hope!

Hope, Word, Letters, Scrabble

When a faint ray of light trickles into the darkness

when a tender green sprouts amid the barren wilderness

when an understanding hug greets your failure

when a soothing touch strokes your bruised body

when a sweet smile welcomes you back home

when a helping hand pulls you out of an abyss

when words of encouragement goad you to carry on

when a child’s innocent laughter shatters the silence of the cry

when you see an act of humanity in trying conditions


Hope is born and

life becomes beautiful once again.

Mystic Magic!


The wondrous sky reflects a mystic grace as

the pearly moon casts a shimmer on the tranquil waters.

With an earnest prayer to bring her back,

the soul rows on, into the shadowy depths of a cerulean reverie

gathering the remnants of the once blossoming romance.

The benevolent stars illuminate her reflective heart

serenades a sanguine tune, a buoyant spirit smiles.

What do you see #7

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