The Journey Beyond…

Beyond, Death, Life After Death, Life Eternal, Mystical

The soul departs from the mortal body

on an onward journey to astral plane

feels a warm embrace of a luminescent aura

merging into the cosmic stillness.


Eugi’s weekly prompt: Luminescent


41 thoughts on “The Journey Beyond…”

  1. Those are such beautiful thoughts, R! Thoughts I say, not just words. May I add something of my own?

    The soul is at eternal peace. One with the universe as positive and the most pure form of energy. And from that dimension of the universe the goodness will continue to shower love and blessings on its dear ones.

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    1. Thank you N. So it is. I too read and heard the same by the elders.
      I am always intrigued by journey of the soul after death. That dimension is truly fascinating. This was a tiny attempt to present my understanding. A lifetime seems to small to comprehend the gamut of it’s depth.

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