Children, Slums, Poverty, Poor, Child, Hungry, Social

Food was a luxury for them!

Shweta’s 6 word story prompt: Food


Dream Come True!


Words fall short to describe some moments in life, it’s a surreal feeling. That’s exactly how I felt on getting my first book published. Encouraged and motivated by family, friends and many of my dear blogger friends, I managed to fulfill this dream of mine.

My poetry book titled “Eclectic Verses” is an amalgam of 125 poems and haiku. This diverse mix of words and emotions, makes it an interesting read. Each section suits diverse palates, giving you food for thought. The cover page and the illustrations have been designed by my daughter.

The paperback version is available on, Notion Press and Flipkart.

e book, listing at and other international bookstores will be available shortly.

Please do spread the word in your circles.

Hope you reward my modest maiden attempt at poetry, by reading it and sharing your feedback on the same. My heart beats at a frenzied pace, as I eagerly await to hear your verdict on it.

The Number Game!

Marks sheet, profits, statistics, sizes,

wealth, medical reports, matches, mileage,

Life is a number game isn’t it?

Numbers define success and failure

sometimes more is good and at times not.

But why do we fail to measure and tabulate

values, tears, smiles, beauty or love?

Guess, somethings in life are priceless!






Tuesday photo challenge: Numbers

Sun’s Trail….A Haiku Poem!


Embryonic rays

dawn exalts a coral blush

horizon aflame


mercury soars high

punctures the billowy clouds

casts a scorching gaze


the western skyline

brims with wisps of lavender

aesthetic adieu.




Lost in the Wilderness…

In response to The Sunday Whirl, #443 to weave the above words together.

The trek into the woods with friends went totally awry. The adventurous I, ventured off limits. The tumble down the slope, left me bruised and alone.

Lost in the wilderness, I tried to figure a way out. The air reeked of pungent forest smells. Howl and cries of the wild beasts echoed. Dark foreboding clouds loomed over the dense canopy of trees. The silhouettes seemed to draw an eerie imagery against the darkness. My heart was pounding loud. I felt something move slyly to my side and let out a shriek. Taking to my heels, I turned and ran far. Panting and gasping for breath, I eased my steps a bit.

Suddenly I felt a piercing pain grip through my arm. I could feel blood trickling down. Fear and panic gripped me. I felt myself losing control, when a pair of strong arms held me before I slipped into a dark void….

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