The one who

charts his own path

keeps the child in him alive

touches lives

spreads smiles across the miles

follows his heart

dares to dream

pumps up his adrenaline

enlivens each moment

creates imprints in the sands of time

nourishes his soul

practices gratitude

connects with people

only then

he is alive and living


he only exists!


Eugi’s weekly prompt : Alive



43 thoughts on “Alive!”

  1. Beautiful Rhadika. Maybe we need to adopt a childโ€™s view of wonder of life
    and so live instead of existing. I am a great believer in this attitude.
    Just existing could lead to depression and loss of vitality.


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    1. Absolutely Miriam. We get so accustomed to the mundane that life becomes mere existence for us.
      I am glad that you bring in much more to the quality of your life. Wishing you many more moments of celebration in your lifeโ™ฅ๏ธ

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    1. Thanks N. Many of us have been moulded to live life in a certain way. So i guess stepping out of it becomes a challenge. We accept the routine and carry on.
      But, I am happy to see the younger generation breaking stereotypes living life following their heart’s passion, living each moment to the fullest.

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      1. Very true, R. But then there is a fine line between living life to the fullest and being a rebel โ€“ which is seen rising at an alarming rate in todayโ€™s generation. Striking a balance between being conservative and progressive is easier said than done. But I guess here the upbringing comes into play and, once again, it is up to us to groom the next gen as best we can!

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      2. Hmm…yes. Our younger generation is a mix of both. On one hand we see some of the youth going totally astray while on the other hand many of them are very conscientious. Like you rightly said it is what values we inculcate in them matters. We need to shift our focus from materialistic achievement to a more holistic one.

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